CityDAO Big Parcel Action Plan

On our last community call, we converged on the idea of buying a big parcel where we can test NFT land ownership and other mechanisms. The original proposal by David is here..

I propose starting with a small Baby Parcel that we can move fast on acquiring and use to prove out our ability to offer real NFT land leases and test the mechanics of subdivision.

Phase 1: Baby Parcel

Purpose: The goal of Baby Parcel will be to release real, useful NFT Land Leases in preparation for acquiring the Big Parcel. This will test our ability to work collectively and subdivide land as NFTs.

Team: Josh (lead), Konrad, Scott, Lyons, David, others (message in Big Parcel Channel if you’d like to help) will source the Parcel, present it to the DAO for a vote.

Budget: Start with some of the cheapest land we can buy, ideally less than < 50k.

Success Criteria:

  • Purchase > 50 acres of land in area with minimal zoning rules.
  • Subdivide and release at least 5 NFT land leases that represent an actual right to use the land for some limited set of purposes. Ideally even building a structure.

Phase 2: Big Parcel

Outlined in David’s proposal here. A bigger version of the Phase 1, with potential to incorporate and raise funds through pre-sale of NFT land leases.

This is not a CIP. Instead, I suggest the Baby Parcel team starts working and proposes a Parcel to the DAO in the next couple weeks to acquire.


I love this idea of crawling before we walk.

One thing we can try out from a leasing perspective is to use one of the core concepts from Radical Markets: every NFT is constantly on sale for a price that the owner sets, and we tax that NFT based on that price. This would be a great experiment, and could even be evidence of true appraisal value for the real property taxes that must be paid to the state.