CityDAO Festival?

Hello Citizen,

We are taking part in a ground breaking (pun intended) opportunity on the blockchain with CityDAO!

Thoughts about organizing an annual festival to celebrate? We could gather citizens, raise funds, etc.

Would love to hear your ideas!

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I propose we start with low-budget camping / rave style festival. Since the land is gonna be off-the-grid for a little while. (also would have more of a grass-root spirit)

We can bring solar panels, generators, portable showers, compost toilets and have DJ stations, trading posts, food trucks, lectures about the founding story / governance of CityDAO.

Can also airdrop cryptos & NFTs at the event. Would be cool to have a leave-no-trace policy and encourage people to clean up after themselves.


Yass! Let’s host the next FYRE festival, with a crypto theme! Burning Man meets ETH summit.

Want to add to the festival idea here.

I think we should adhere with our core value when thinking of events/festivals on the land.

I love the spirit of Burning Man but there’s also a dark side of Burning Man. There’s the problem of drug abuse, and even thou it claims to be a ‘leave no trace’ type of event, every year there is a ton of trash left at Black Rock city. Essentially lots of ‘burners’ go for the music and drugs instead of some sort of ideology.

But again, def want to support the event/festival idea. But I think we should adhere to our ideology and not focus on just ‘party and fun!’ but provide a fun experience based on culture awareness, decentralization, etc.