CityDAO Inaugural Council Election Procedure

The following is the process to be used for electing 5 CityDAO Council members in accordance with CIP-28

Phase 1 - Candidates Pitches

  • Starting on January 12th 2022 at 22:00 GMT
  • Ending on January 19th 2022 at 22:00 GMT
  • Any Citizen that wishes to run submits their pitch as a new post right here in this category (Inaugural Council - Jan 2022).
  • Citizens can ask questions on the candidates posts during the week.

Phase 1.2 - Candidate Selection

  • If Phase 1 ends with less than 30 candidates this phase is skipped and we move immediately to Phase 2.
  • Current council (core team members that joined) will select 30 candidates to proceed to election (based on community engagement, pitch likes/comments)

Phase 2 - Election

  • This category will be locked, no further pitches or replies will be allowed.
  • Current council (core team members that joined) will validate that each candidate is eligible to run, and will remove any that aren’t.
  • Snapshot proposal is created (within 24 hours) and announced
  • Citizens have 5 days to vote using ranked choice voting

Phase 3 - Conclusion

  • Snapshot is final, election is complete
  • Winners announced

I am going to leave this topic for questions regarding the process or Candidate Agreement. Please remember this isn’t the place to post your pitch if you are running, do that as a new post (Topic).