CityDAO Mission, Metric, and Values Discussion

I propose that we decide on values that we look for in each other and in new DAO members. These will help us create a healthy culture and attract the right kind of people to the DAO.


The mission of CityDAO is to build the blockchain-native network city of the future.


Citizen Time at CityDAO Property = # citizens ⨉ # days at CityDAO property.

For example, if 7 Citizens spend 2 days on CityDAO land, that’s 14 citizen-time. This metric will align us around creating a useful network of CityDAO properties.


[Amended based on feedback below]

  • Long Term Thinking

  • Take Extreme Ownership

  • Positive Vibe Professionalism

  • Bias Towards Action

  • Let Builders Build

  • Empower others

Welcoming feedback / ideas / suggestions / more values in the replies!


:tada: Love where this is heading

Suggestion to break down the values to actions:

Long Term Thinking

  • Have ‘roadmaps’ of projects
  • Make sure daily effort is in contribution towards those projects

Take Extreme Ownership

  • Always assign a PM of any initiative
  • the PM is responsible in pushing the project to completion
  • PM will always be compensated for their time


  • Be respectful, please no insult, no discrimination, no intimidation, no argumentative communication (violator should be banned or kicked or something)
  • Be supportive, instead of saying no and blocking each others, try to offer suggestion to help each others work better
  • The vibe needs to be checked

Bias Towards Action

  • Less ‘I got this idea to do XXXX’
  • More ’ I’m putting this idea to CIP and we’re doing it’

Let Builders Build

  • Builders should be rewarded w CitizenNFT or alike because they have skin in the game
  • Builders should adhere to long term thinking when building, and should have support from all other guilds with resources and directions

Let’s add something around Empowering Others?

I would change “kindness” to “professionalism”. Professionalism implies kindness while requiring much more from the individuals it applies to.

The way @Syntonikka.eth writes it - no one is allowed to disagree according to an expectation of "no argumentative communication, no “blocking” LOL. Sounds tyrannical… “agree or get banished” (not saying that’s the intent but lets think through the things we say and write here)

Last, when it comes to “disciplinary actions” - the ones taken in recent memory by the Mission Guild were not supported by governance and thus created unnecessary risks for CityDAO. I would have to strongly recommend that CityDAO does not start banning people for failure to meet any subjective definition of kindness.

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Ya, a critical change in trajectory we, and DAOs in general, need to get things done.

One thing that might be worth expanding on is the metric in terms of long-term thinking. If you took it without context, it would mean just buying property now and getting citizens there. I take it to mean projects should have the goal of ultimately owning a property where citizens want to live and work.

ps. Re Josh above. I agree in general. How about we coin the term “positive vibe professionalism”?

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This is great. @scottfits what are your thoughts on how these mission and values are expressed? Is it primarily as a guiding principle for what type of projects should get funded?

I don’t think professional and kindness are mutually exclusive. There’s a great 2003 study from UC Berkeley showing that debate produces greater results than brainstorming without criticism when it comes to both problem-solving and continued creativity after the discussion ends. (Groupthink | The New Yorker)
I am a strong believer in the importance of healthy conflict, disagreement and debate.

However, I also strongly believe that something we should aim for is the kindness and consideration, the respect for other people that is often lacking in the corporate world. I think our goal should reflect more than getting funding, buying land and erecting buildings. I believe is the attitudes of the leaders that informs the entire environment and community as to what is a socially acceptable norm.


Kindness/Professionalism (so both)?