CityDAO should buy a CryptoPunk

Current market conditions have created opportunities for CityDAO to acquire bluechip projects like CryptoPunks for the Museum of (fine) Art. With CityDAO’s treasury primarily held in USDC, we have very little exposure at the moment to Ethereum, and it may be the right time to change that.

We’d need to act relatively fast, so would propose the planning guild’s approval to fast track this to a vote. After the vote, there could a snap discord/community poll on which Punk we should buy up to a capped price .

What do we think? LFG?


I’m down for this, but I’ll suggest that buying a Noun could be more practical. Nouns are cheaper first of all, but more importantly with a Noun we can make proposals (for example, put up a proposal that NounsDAO buys a piece of CityDAO land or does some future project with us)


Gave the idea a like and my only substantive feedback at this time is that I do not believe Planning Guild has the ability to fast track. I also think @scottfits idea for a Noun instead makes even more sense if this initiative is truly an avenue that CityDAO would consider

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Also on board with the Noun purchase. To be honest, I am just glad you didn’t suggest an ape.

In that case the Noun does make more sense. My main concern is actually just being able to bid on it via multisig. And needing to send 50 eth to an EOA isn’t great either.

I think the nouns is an interesting idea, though I’m curious what the going price is. Is the primary benefit of a nouns that it allows us to make a proposal for their treasury?

Have we not learned the lesson that holding speculative assets on our balance sheet hinders our stated mission? Strong no.

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Have to agree with @will - and to @Da3vid that was the only reason I thought a noun makes some sense (so yes). Still, is the juice worth the squeeze? I can’t answer that… however I can’t help but speculate that a proposal of this nature is not likely to receive a ton of support either way

We havent actually done very well with CityDAO museum. It was a strong asset, idea but didnt work (many reasons).

Now what is the main reason to buy a punk ?

  • Buy & Sell and make a profit
  • Tell NFT space that CityDAO bought a punk and promote the brand ?
  • How we’ll display it ?
  • We will but more NFT or stop with a punk ?

Can you explain why we haven’t done well? We committed 10 eth to it, assets now worth around ~ 20 ETH…

Our mission is to build a great city, and great cities have great museums. As you know, art serves a utility unlike many other speculative assets, and can be used to draw attention and visitors.

Interest point. I agree that cities, like countries, have museums, both to celebrate art and history, and to justify the imaginary heritage “from time immemorial” of a nation. These invented traditions are no less important for a network state than a geographical one.

However, for the same reason that CityDAO is looking at IRL land not virtual land, I think maybe we could focus more on IRL art than virtual art. While CIP-100 had legal/structural issues that no one could really have foreseen, I wonder if there’s a way for CityDAO to purchase actual art as investment rather than NFTs.

1.) Digital art (nfts) is most definitely art. 2.) Physical art is a nightmare in terms of liability. 3.) We have multiple locations where digital art can be displayed.

Fair enough. Point taken.

  1. Correlation != causation.
  2. Most art has no utility, is not an asset, and draws no tourists. Buying a Punk or a Noun or whatever is comparable to purchasing a fine art edition, not a unique work. The works you see in museums are the best of the best by the best artists, not their editioned works. If we’re serious about purchasing investment-grade digital art for the CityDAO Museum, it should not be a CP.

Even i didnt know that, i guess thats why we didnt do well

I remember lots of work done for NFT museum which is another great asset for us but yet ;

  • NFT museum channel removed while ago and actually havent had conversation for months
  • We dont have it at official links
  • I dont remember any tweets about it
  • I dont remember anywhere we actually tell people that we have a such project

no offence to anyone, its on us

How is buying a Punk or Noun the same as buying an edition? There’s a whole standard for editions, and I know you know that. Is your argument essentially the “I can right click and save it?” Trying to understand what you mean by saying its not a “unique work”

I’m not sure wrapping these conversations up into something that feels polished is helpful tbh. What starts as something to casually ponder looks like facts and is somewhat dishonest in representation.


Scott is not our “CEO”, he’s the guy we’re stuck with.