CityDAO Transition

I think this is a solid plan. One thing to is how much should be issued to each unique person - if everyone claimed at $1,000 that would be $8,000,000 since there are about 8k outstanding NFTs.

Here’s some data I found:

Total outstanding NFTs: 8,109 (CityDAO Treasury holds the rest)

Total Unique Holders: 4.8k

Treasury Value: $2.6m

To be safe and ensure everyone could claim, I’d propose 2600000/8109 = $320 claim per NFT. There would definitely be unclaimed money we’d have to donate at the end though.

  • Even with gas fees, I think that’s very reasonable for people. Gas would probably be $1 - $15 I believe
  • There is another option where we simply airdrop the returned amount to everyone, that way there is no leftovers.