CityDAO Website Update

Hello fellow citizens, I have 2 suggestions regarding the website:

1-) There is no mention about citydao forum in offical website. There is only ‘‘Join Discord’’
I suggest to adding link to forum as well in the website.

2-) In FAQ section of the website, there isn’t enough information.
I suggest adding a link to this (Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.) , so people can read and learn about the project.


Awesome ideas and good news already a WIP.

I’m waiting for some design decisions to be made before merging some updates that are already in flight, and there’s another page that may or may not be public, but will be published soon.


Agreed. Forum link and also snapshot link needed. I was really struggling to find them last time, it impedes governance.


fully agree, had to bookmark forum link, since it cannot be find by search, and there is no link on official website


I think it would be great, I agree.

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Love these suggestions. I believe there is going to be a full review/overhaul of the website. Will post an update here when that project kicks off.


Cool, thank you for your contribution :smiley:


Hey everyone,

I’ve created a survey here to get feedback from everyone on how to improve the site - with a particular focus on how we can better onboard new users to the DAO.

I’ll summarise the responses once we have enough responses (probably by Monday 22nd). Any responses will be hugely appreciated. :heart:

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Update, survey results are in. Summarised as follows:

Please take a look and let me know if you think I’ve missed anything. The full responses can be found here.

1. What should the goal of the website be?

Quite a wide variety of answers here, perhaps reflecting the general differences of opinion on what CityDAO itself should focus on. However the two main themes were:

  1. Inform - Summarize the project
  2. Engage - Make people excited about the project and show them how to get involved

2. What information must be included to help first-time visitors?

  • Mission and vision
  • What it means to be a citizen
  • How to get involved
  • What the roadmap looks like
  • NFT link

3. What was missing, that you wish was provided when you first encountered CityDAO?

No common themes here although it’s worth flagging one important response saying that the current site is not accessible. E.g. It does not follow WCAG contrast guidelines.

4. What do you like most about the current site?

Two things came across loud and clear here: the simplicity, and the black and green colour scheme.

5. What do you like least about the current site?

Quite a few different answers here but the core issues seem to be that it doesn’t include enough info on what the DAO, what it’s doing, or how to get involved.

6. What feelings should the website evoke for new visitors?

Clear message that excitement is what we should evoke.

Excitement. We’re doing some revolutionary stuff here and it’s not really conveyed by the site


excitement, that this is the future (city on bchain)

7. Good sites we can use as inspiration

  • Solana - ‘sleek and informative’
  • Stripe
  • IDEO - for story and showcasing
  • Huxley Comics
  • Notional finances (not sure of the right link to this one?)

Unfortunately no nice DAO examples here. Might be worth doing a more deliberate survey/analysis of other DAO sites as part of UX/Design work?

8. Do you have any other ideas for the website?

Lots of great ideas here! I particularly liked:

Live cam of parcel 0

I like the idea of a “city tour” (probably as an offshoot / “Learn More” section) that walks through the DAO and its operations as if an actual city. Highlight different areas of Discord, Discourse, Snapshot, Notion, etc and make it personalized. User can select the “developer path” and it walks them through getting involved in that role.

Provide a means for people to donate crypto to the project. Some folks may not be able to afford citizenship but still want to help turn the project into reality.

Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything. :slight_smile: Next step will be to draft a project brief based on these takeaways. The brief will be 1-2 pages specifing:

  • the main goal of the site
  • any essential info the site must include
  • constraints (timeline/tech etc)

All contents will be driven by the survey results above, and we will iterate the brief based on feedback from design, dev, and onboarding.

tyro :slightly_smiling_face: