CityDAO Writers Cohort by Taptive

The education and research, media, and community guild have teamed up to fund an exciting initiative. We will partner with Taptive to provide a writer’s workshop. Taptive has an incredible resume (they have worked with Bankless, 1729, and many others). The goal is twofold, (1) provide a rewarding and free outlet for citizens to improve their skills and build community, (2) build the foundation for a media/content group that could ideally generate revenue. I will attach the proposal and their webpage. Taptive will start with marketing this weekend and begin onboarding on Nov 25. I am happy to address any questions and would love feedback; thanks!


I’m excited about this initiative as I think it can provide benefits to the community by helping people express themselves, and it can also gather new and positive media content.

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This looks very cool. Sign me up!


This could turn out great if executed on effectively!

What’s the total budget? Looks like $2,500 all-in? I’ll support this :slight_smile:

Ya, 2,500 all in. Thanks!

Interested for sure. Is there an idea of time commitment each week? Each free hour is worth a thousand diamonds to me right now.

I think it really is up to the participant, but I would guess a couple of hours at least. That is a high price for your time!! No worries if it won’t work.

Hello! How do I participate in the 1000-word writing activity? Thanks!
“CityDAO Writers Cohort: A 3-week writing-focused cohort-based course with Taptive”

CityDAO Writers Cohort: A 3-week writing-focused cohort-based course with Taptive.

I can vouch for Grant and Taptive - Lobby3 is presently finishing up a cohort, and I’ve been really impressed by how Grant has handled it. I was actually talking with Tippi about this earlier, and was planning making a reference, but it’s cool to see the connection has already been made!


You can sign up for free here: