CityDAO's flag on the Moon


MoonDAO is a super cool & ambitious project aims to send DAO members to the moon. The first MoonDAO member was in ConstitutionDAO core team as well.

Pls find further details here:

I think it will be cool if CityDAO can have a talk with MoonDAO to see how the 2 communities can collaborate. I will be more than happy to connect.

There are tons of potential ways for collaborations. A cool idea come to my mind is that we can “Send CityDAO’s flag to the moon” or at least to the Earth orbit.

If we make it, this will be the 1st ever DAO flag on the Moon in entire human history.

How do you think guys?


I think the Soviets followed through with “the future of space exploration should be in the hands of the people” and abdicated their future. Strong no.


Haha. Strong & Straightforward as usual. Appreciate your reply though :smiley: