CityDAO's next property purchase - idea thread

This is a thread to share ideas or links for CityDAO’s next property purchase.

My personal proposal is that we acquire a single-family house, see the CIP here.

Would love to hear other ideas - could be anything!

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I’m on board with this. I think a property that is for AirBNB and then has slots reserved a number of times a year for contributor retreats could be awesome.

  1. Can bring some income to the DAO
  2. First of its kind
  3. Relatively executable project with clear steps
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Generate revenue for the DAO or build a city; why not both?

I call this the official kill-two-birds-with-one-stone idea. Under the umbrella of t0wn we have a perfect road map. Buy a hotel funded by CityDAO and other DAOs/Web3 orgs, who will be willing to fund, given it will be backed by revenue. Use the hotel to make money and convert it to Web3/DAO workspace and living space as per demand.

A hotel is just a vertical city, the perfect network city. All right there, LFG.