Comments on Parcel 1 Real Estate Guild Winnowing Process

This is very well said and I can get onboard with this.

Parcel 1. Embassy / Home / hotel
Parcel 2. Township

Thinking more on this though … we spent a lot of time on Parcel 0 as an experiment and that was fine, but I worry about momentum.

If possible - I would like our next parcel to be a township and just get to work on what I believe was the initial vision of CityDAO.

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Guys while I appreciate the efforts here, I would reccoment we refrain from any complicated voting schemes.

100% agree with you on this

I could see an outcome where we are moving on more than one parcel after this exercise. And tend to agree in the big picture with @Stuttgart re: go big or go home in pursuit of the mission. But I am just one citizen of course.

Yes @B01AND while we are not yet sure about what the perks will be, we do want to be sure to consider and reward everyone who has been a part of the success story to date. There are lots of questions to answer but we are building in real time and will certainly be announcing all aspects of Parcel 1 (and more) well in advance. One idea @kkopczyn proffered was minting gas assistance in the future… we can figure it out for sure!

Last min comment, sorry :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Based on these proposed projects. I’m looking at basically these in order 1)time constraint2)feasibility 3)maintenance(facility management) 4)value alignment 5) ROI 6)safety&legal liability

-Airbnb hotel- able to make an easy return but need someone to manage(a headache) and easy to acquire the property. Cost to maintain the facility. Bear legal responsibilities for people living there. Stick to one bussiness? A bit risky?

-Embassy- feasible option- buy a fully functional property. Adaptable/various functions - co working, workshop, fuction rooms for hire. Able to connect to the wide range of community. Possible higher ROI and less risk I believe. Expensive to acquire the property(not sure about the budget on treasury) less legal liabilities than the hotel of someone is not permanently living there

-Kanya Ranch - quite similar to the hotel but gain more publicity. High maintenance cost and legal liabilities.

Even better if they are based on a single property!

one potential thing to add in the proposals - what is the value to CityDAO citizens?

Some might have more social media value (kayne ranch), some might be more valuable to international citizens (an embassy in a big city), some might be more valuable to digital nomads / people who live close to wyoming / don’t have families (single family house). In other words are their going to be citizens who benefit more or less? And how will this proposal help move CityDAO forward?

If the proposals could attempt to define this a little bit I think it would be helpful.

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I get it but it sounds boring, and why compete with lean corporations who have more expertise doing these things. Dream big or go home. My two shekels.

Large wyoming ranch would not be about social media/meme value, thought those both are certainly very high on that one. Its a tremendous piece of land. It may be too dream big in the short run but we should vet it, nonetheless.

Embassies sound cool but I still don’t know how much value it really provides and involves competing with existing business who have already figured out some of their own secret sauces. Now we want to reinvent that wheel?

At least with the coliving/airbnb spaces, people can collide and jam and vibe in person. Huge benefit based on the last two weeks of IRL time with citizens and the web3 community at large.

Just want to say that, as far as “coworking space” goes, “assured profitability” is not necessarily the case ;).

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Agreed and not sure how a DAO structure can adequately compete with lean mean corporate entities. Embassies only makes sense to me personally if there is additional CityDAO benefit not captured/quantified by the P/L of a coworking space…

coworking space / hotel / Airbnb

This proposal aims at acquiring a first piece of land, with buildings and dependencies, in good conditions. The location will be in a dynamic region, central to Europe, where surrounding supportive initiatives have been identified and local administrations welcoming. The estate will be able to provide short and mid-term accommodation for CityDAO EU citizens but more importantly will be used as an experimentation lab for Building 3D Printing, Permaculture design education, regenerative practices and other low-tech / high impact innovations.