Condo Associations, Home Owner Associations, Neighborhood Associations, etc

Today @Fugyeah suggested doing a condo project with a Condo Association.

This is a viable step on the path to building a city however CityDAO has not proven an ability to draft any governing document(s) for any legal entity.

So whether CityDAO funds or incubates a Condo Association, a Home Owner Association, a Neighborhood Association, or a literal City Council, in all cases it must produce organizing documents with a mechanism for consensus, and it can’t even do an Operating Agreement for an LLC.

I’m not sure I understand what this is a proposal for. I thought CIPs were CityDAO Improvement Proposals. This seems to be a criticism. Whether it is true or false, I would think this might not be the correct forum for this post.

This isn’t a CIP and Forums don’t need to be exclusively CIP posts. Do you participate in any other Discourse Forums for any DAOs?

So @MaxRealEstate, what is your proposal to create a mechanism for producing organizing documents. I assume you are talking about legal documents.

I am a dev so I don’t have any experience with that field but I would like to hear what recommend.

I agree with max that it’s not an inappropriate forum, although it’s totally wrong.

This sort of legal engineering is what I do every day @slyracoon23

The best mechanism for producing open source docs is to have a high quality group of lawyers develop them.

It’s hard to find one high quality lawyer let alone a group but I have a stable that I am working with including a weekly meeting in LexDAO’s Discord of RealAssetsDAO which I project manage.

Condo docs are not particularly difficult to find a base. We don’t need to rebuild the wheel from scratch every time.

How many condo docs have you done?

Hundreds. And I worked that section of statute for a decade in my past life working for the Florida legislature, so I’m pretty familiar with condo law and condo docs . Obviously each state is slightly different fbut not to the point where you need to start over learning.

What is ‘legal engineering?’
Is that a funny way of saying you are a lawyer or is it saying you’re not a lawyer but a ‘legal expert’

Neither. See this community discussion of Legal Engineering

That’s great! What was your role on the hundreds of condo docs? Were you the real estate developer or lawyer or ?

I would like to learn more. Can you provide a link to the pod they are referencing? Thanks.