Council Transition Plan

As required by the passage of CIP-202, I will be transitioning several core responsibilities to the new Council. Here are some of the responsibilities enumerated:

  • Taxes
    It’s critical that CityDAO 1) file taxes each year and 2) pay property taxes on Parcel 0 and the two Parcel Blancas to avoid losing our properties. I will share info with David and the rest of the Council on how to pay taxes via Wyoming and Colorado tax portals. For our annual tax filing, we track our income from NFT sales and expenses and engage with a CPA named Lorenzo who I will put the Council in touch with to file taxes for the 2023 year.

  • Legal
    I will connect David with John Montague, who works with CityDAO on legal matters, for any legal concerns as a resource for the council.

  • Social Media
    I will give Nico the Twitter credentials.

  • Discord
    I will make Nico a Discord administrator.

I really hope to see CityDAO stick to our initial vision of buying land and building something in the real world. I sincerely hope the council can chart a course for CityDAO to do something big.


So nice to see that we continue to CityDAO journey as a team !

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Thanks, Scott!