Crypto Mining Eco-Sustainable Community

Discussion for planning the first CityDao Crypto Mining project that is supporting the first flag ship CityDao eco-sustainable community.

Crypto Mining: Multiple crypto mining opportunities.

Settlement: Eco-Sustainable Earth ships, Container homes, 3D printed.

Land: Currently there is multiple acres just outside Cheyenne; close to Colorado boarder. Gives the settlement civil services.
7 acres - $100k.

Mining Facility: Pre fab warehouse $500k -$1M.

Geothermal cooling via air shafts 20ft into the ground.

Solar / Wind


Thanks. Let’s make a business case here. At current BTC price & electricity cost, what would be the profit / mo? How many years to recover our investment?

This is the sort of ideas I’m looking for to implement in City DAO. Can you provide further details (business case, legality, etc.)?