Decentralized Authorizations

CityDAO has several offline tasks that it must perform - from paying taxes on Parcel 0 to acquiring new property. Often, these documents ask your affiliation with the organization and require you to be authorized to make such a transaction.

A traditional LLC would simply have managing partners who can sign documents. To truly be decentralized, we will need a Decentralized Auth (DeAuth) framework.

Read @DAOvolution’s DeAuth framework here.

Opening up the floor for discussion!


What a wonderful read! I really like their framework. I think ZKPs could enhance it somewhat.

The DAO creates a bounty of $100 DAI (or stablecoin) and offers it to a pool of volunteers for the sole purpose of signing the real world document with DAO “authority”

For many of the stages in their framework I feel like a ZK layer would fit nicely using for example! It think it has the potential to work excellently with airdrops, signing, authorization, pool bounties :open_mouth: . It would be nice to find a way to grant that attention to privacy to those physically signing documents in the offline world as it would encourage people to more actively volunteer to be in the signer pools.

There is the question of good procedures in the event a DAO is liabile? The DOX KYCD (doxkicked™) person could be required to take organizational responsibility and tap the DAO for a solution with a pre-contracted response period.

Alternatively anyone signing would simply agree to have shared liability with other signers if something went wrong… Though I feel a DAO must be able to support anyone made liable for their activities, especially if it ever involved legal fees. In such cases, an “Automated Compensation” that deducts from the DAOs treasury on behalf of those made liable could be added to some contracts.

However, anything potentially requiring complex deliberation when liable would need a well established line of responsibility I feel.

DAOs with multiple legal experts in their membership must be at an advantage. :sweat_smile:

Thanks Scott, this was something I envisioned several months ago, and while the process is not without flaws - it feels like a step in the right direction for IRL execution on behalf of a DAO (assuming there are not other major hurdles). One thing to note between the mirror post and later drafted miro-board flow chart - the goal would really be to use an NFT as the bounty instead of money or stablecoin.

I came across this Web-3 friendly company, Roofstock

They recently sold a property with ownership via NFT which sold on OpenSea for Ξ130 here. It seems the properties are tokenized and minted as NFTs to represent ownership of an LLC for the property (or the property itself, or both, not 100% sure). Super neat though :blush:

They have a clear interest in tokenizing the property market, so they may be worth contacting to assist with this.