Development of city dao

I think CITYDAO should not consider issuing additional NFTs at this stage. The total amount remains the same. You can issue tokens first. Latecomers can buy tokens from the secondary market or buy NFTs to join the DAO. Primitive citizens can give token airdrop rewards like ENS, and income from the treasury can vote to decide whether to buy islands or real estate or hotels

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guys i have a good topic for the development of citydao. It brings permaculture; sustainability etc. Its like a resource base economy. Like Jacque fresco made with the Venus project. I think this would be huge with that implemented. A focus on making resources without damage the environment or land, than use those resources for the city itself or to sell and money goes to treasury. Circular cities so its easy travel,when a bus gets to the end of line it will be at begining. Instead of how it works today, that it will have to go all the way to the company garage etc. Increasing performance all possible ways. Not making cities for cars but for people. With elevators transportation across the city.
Identical houses to promote the equality and not promote envye (like marketing is today) im full of knowledge about this and ideas if you guys care about it. Sadly i dont own NFT citizenship cause of the price.but if i can contribute i would be glad. There are ways to make crops spend 1/10 of the water needed. Ive seen ppl making deserts into real forests. Its all about the soil. And how we treat it.

I hope I can be part of this and i got a brainfull of ideas and even seeming utopian this man i talked about already made most of it possible

These ideas were realy hard to implement on cities that are already built. But in this case of citydao we could start from scratch with Jacques Fresco Idea. Pls research for him and the venus project. The more you see the more youll connect with this project