Discussion: Denver Space Meetup

This discussion aims to garner interest in the attendance of Citizens to a meet up in Denver, CO at the time of opening the CIP-111 DAOLabs Space.

This will be targeted for one week prior to official opening of the space and 1 week - 10 days after launch.

The meet up will be centred around the initial space launch and event attendance and management.

The budget will likely be approx. 15k for 1-2 accommodation locations close to the space and other misc. expenses. Travel will probably not be included due to budget constraints.

Attendees will be expected to work from the space each day and attend meetings to develop strategic launch and event plans for the future of the space.

If you are interested please express this below. Thanks


I’m in depending on timing.


I don’t know; this sounds a little harsh. Do we get compensated with a POAP? Joking lol. Ya, I am in, of course, depending on the dates.


I can’t commit to 10 full time no-distraction days lolol…BUT! I’ll do what I can :slight_smile:

I’m in