Don't make Parcel 0 it's own thing, because then not all Citizens are equal

A Citizen NFT bought now will be worth much more than a Citizen NFT bought years from now (excluding the fact that the price of the Citizen NFT itself will probably rise), simply because the Parcel 0 NFT will be Air-dropped to current Citizen NFT holders but then that Parcel 0 NFT won’t be transferred along with the Citizen NFT during a sale. Making Parcel 0 it’s own thing is needlessly splitting things up.

I was under the impression that being a Citizen of CityDAO meant that I was like a shareholder/boardmember of a company. There’s no need for me to own a specific part of that company (such as the stapler): what I own is simply 1/10,000th voting power and 1/10,000th of all assets. I don’t think any of CityDAOs assets should become separate (and esp split up) NFTs and given out to select (in this case earlier) Citizens.

All Citizens are created equal (aside from the First/Founding Citizen NFTs).

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