Favian for CityDao Council

Howdy fellow citizens! My name is Favian (discord: Favian#8760 and favian.eth for my citizen NFT). It is an honor to run to represent you in our inaugural CityDao council.

I’m a civil rights litigation attorney in Washington State. I founded my law firm in 2012 with the mission of speaking truth to power, fighting corporations and governments that get out of line. I continue to do this work because I love the people and the causes that I represent. My law firm’s website and fb page best summarize my track record: www.sunlightlaw.com. I’m also passionate about building and nurturing community, which is why I am a volunteer Acroyoga teacher (instagram handle is @acrocowboy).

I began my crypto journey in 2017. When I first learned about bitcoin I knew that in the long run blockchain would change the fabric of our economic and social structures for the better. I fell in love with CityDao when I first learned about it in September of 2021 and I knew that being a contributor to CityDao and web3 was my second calling. CityDao is my main project and am happy to share that I have been accepted to CityDao’s legal guild. I’ve listened in every one of our Wenesday townhall calls and contributed in our “legal” channel on discord. I demanded and participated in our first meeting with our DAO’s attorney and look forward to continue to contribute in any way I can. Besides CityDao, I am also active in a variety of other web3 projects. I’m working on VanlifeDao and a student of @balajis 1729.com course that is actively working towards creating a nation state (basically what we are doing with CityDao). My twitter handle is @favian_eth which shows the other projects I’m interested in.

My vision for CityDao is to create the structures that will best facilitate direct democracy and the will of our citizens. I know that our collective conscious will mold CityDao into a beautiful beacon of hope. I believe that we need to make it as easy as possible for our citizens, as a collective, to decide the faith of our city. It is necessary and natural for the governance of CityDao to currently be centralized in our core team and our core team has done an awesome job to bring us to where we are. Going forward we need to live up to the goal of decentralization by trusting our citizens to decide and guide our faith as a city. My goal is to help create a charter that best uses web3 technology to facilitate efficient decentralization. This will be done by having community moderators/leaders (this could take the form of a permanent council that is reelected every 6 months, with staggered elections, to keep them accountable) that have the full-time job of listening to our community and organize an efficient process to have our citizen’s ideas to be discussed, voted on, and implemented. Our moderators would be compensated for their time in keeping our community organized. We will need 3-5 moderators that are assigned to specific functions of our DAO. Our charter will ultimately be a smart contract that spells out the mechanisms for funding our citizens’ decisions and requires our council to act only as directed by our citizens.

The proposed city mayor and lead role system would revert our city to the old method of centralized governance, which does not represent our mission or the mission of web3. A good example of the side effects of this type of centralization is seen in the Snapshot vote in which we expressed our desires for CityDao to build a city: Snapshot Although the majority of us (71.74%) voted for “CityDAO should start building and governing a city somewhere now,” we have not taken any steps to pursue this goal. Instead we are currently only pursuing the project that got the least support, conservation of land. We need a system that implements the goals of our citizens. We don’t yet know what community ownership and governance of our city will look like, and that is the most awesome part of this experiment—we get to build it and make it up as we go together!

My legal perspective allows me to balance the legal guidelines of our Wyoming DAO status with the best interest of our citizens. I enjoy healthy discussion and using common sense to come to the best solution. It would be an honor to serve you as council member. Thanks for your consideration.


Hey counselor :smiley: 1729 looks very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

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Of course. 1729 pretty much spells out what we are doing at CityDao. Here’s a good sampling of his ideas: Balaji Srinivasan on The Future of Bitcoin and Ethereum, How to Become Noncancelable, the Path to Personal Freedom and Wealth in a New World, the Changing Landscape of Warfare, and More (#506) – The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

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