Filiblaster for a delicious and joyful CityDAO Inaugural Council!

Discord username: filiblaster#1819
ETH Address: 0x85554903A217e3D8df4569F5C1EEB122f5323dFB

About Me

Hey all! I’m Sam, a community power builder, local political campaign manager and technology advocate in DC, civic educator, bard advocate, land manager, & myco-farmer (I grow mushrooms). I’m also the Co-Director of Delicious Democracy: DC’s Creative Advocacy Lab fusing culture and politics + nature and technology to cut through the bullshit and make a politics that feels good.

My vision for the future of CityDAO

I think CityDAO has the potential to revolutionize the way we conceptualize ownership. We can make a new type of community that has real world space that connects technology and nature. We are the DAO that is best positioned to explore and start to answer questions about how on-chain and off-chain can interact thoughtfully and innovatively. Web3 should be a more human and community-centered web, and our principles should guide us in that direction.

Potential CityDAO principles that I see emerging:

  1. Cooperative Ownership - Learning from the rich history of co-ops and experimenting with ways to make ownership more representative and democratic
  2. Curiosity - Staying open to disagreements and figuring out ways of staying in community
  3. Beyond Profit - We will never be a project centered on just pumping the floor price in order to make a quick buck. This is for the long term: meaningful changes in how real estate, land management, and collective organizing work.
  4. Distributed Ecosystems Thinking - We are part of the real world and must manage our land responsibly. We are individuals in relationships with each other, we are a DAO in relationships to other DAOs, and we are building a distributed ecosystem of parcels of real land that are in relationship to the parcels around them. We cannot think of problems in isolation, but instead must see how all the pieces connect.
  5. Joy - DAOs should not be another burden on our stressful lives. They should give us a chance to be liberated in small, everyday ways. And CityDAO gives us a chance to potentially liberate ourselves in big ways: physically going to a physical space where we feel powerful and can do our damn thing in community with others. The shit should feel good.

My opinion on what a perfect Council member is

The biggest thing a perfect Council member will have is the ability to balance systemic tensions, knowing that there is no perfect way to “solve” a problem once and for all. Council members must stay open and curious to what they hear from others, especially those they disagree with. Even if you think an idea is crazy, there is always some truth nugget deep within there. Council members should be open to learning and thinking on multiple levels and across disciplines to be able to find a balanced solution that deepens our understanding and expands what’s possible for CityDAO.

Why you should vote for me

I know local politics, food systems, and land management. If we want this to be a decentralized city, we need to be able to live on it, eat from it, and to be in good relationships with our neighbors and the local and state governments that we will need to not piss off (and perhaps even have influence over). I am well positioned at the intersection of disciplines to make sure that we can change the law to meet our needs, our messaging and vision are tight, and our on-the-ground work actually builds a livable and usable ecosystem. I hope I can earn your vote!


I agree, filiblaster. The social contract has been violated between those who legislate and the people they ostensibly serve. DAOs offer new ideas about governance and CityDAO is well poised to establish and create new legal realities between on and off chain assets to create, as you said, a vibrant distributed ecosystem. Also… what kinds of food pair well with disrupting the old forms of late stage capitalism? :smiley:


i love that concept of “new legal realities” - a beautiful way to frame the possibility here. Is that a nice way of saying “revolution”? What would a CityDAO revolution look like?

And if you want to disrupt late stage capitalism, you’ve gotta eat some mushrooms (not necessarily psychedelic, but they help)! As a community that blurs the tech and real world, we need to learn from how nature works and governs itself so we can model ourselves on it. Fungi are the consensus mechanism of the forest. Mushrooms are the tokens that govern the land… Ok i’ll give it a rest. But mushrooms seriously slap.


This made me laugh. The tokens of the land. I wonder if psychedelic mushrooms could be considered non-fungible, as each trip is slightly different. Not that I know… just guessing :upside_down_face:

The law has fictions, like the dangerous idea that it can create a soul-less legal entity that never dies and only lives to make a profit. When I think of new legal realities, I think of new conceptions of what it means to make use of the law. Is it possible for people to trust in the law, not as a means of surveillance and control by the ruling class, or as a way for the rich to buy enough lawyers to quash any dispute like Charles Dickens’ Bleak House, but as a new reality where people can utilize and trust the law, to see it for what it is - the rules we humans imagine to make the world slightly more like heaven. If men were angels we wouldn’t need the law, but they aren’t and we do.

Maybe there’s a new legal reality out that could be revolutionary without needing a revolution. If we can just take away just a fraction of the banks’ money and the politicians’ votes, if we could create a city where anyone in the world could enter, learn, participate and grow without national borders or boundaries, just helping to bring web3 infrastructure into legacy structures, maybe then CityDAO would be the capital of a new empire, one in which the sun never sets because we don’t code it to.