Gugz for the CityDAO Inaugural Council

Discord username: gugz
ETH Address: zgugz.eth

Hi fellow citizens, I’m Zach (aka gugz) and I’d like you to consider me for the CityDAO Inaugural Council.

I believe I bring a unique perspective to the table as someone who spends his days at the intersection of business and the arts. For the past decade I’ve been producing film and television, everything from shorts and music videos to feature documentaries and hugely expensive seasons of TV. From an experience standpoint, I have taken dozens of projects from zero to scale. I helped start a management company a decade ago as its first employee. I have developed ideas into global films and series. In one instance, I was part of a team of four producers who created an entirely independent, $70 million season of television, for which we built a TV studio from scratch (we hired freelancers to fill all the departments you’d see at a traditional studio, including production law, corporate law, labor law, finance, HR, risk management, business affairs, etc).

I view my experience as relevant to what we’re hoping to accomplish in terms of coordinating large groups of people and corralling varying opinions to get up and running efficiently.

From a purely logistical standpoint, I have also bought and managed real estate, so I’ve been through the motions, experienced the pitfalls and learned many lessons along the way that I can bring to our group.

The future of CityDAO
I have a few primary interests in terms of where I’d like to see CityDAO focus its efforts in the near-to-medium term. First, I’d like us to be pioneers in the world of tokenizing assets, which means working with attorneys and eventually regulators to redraw current boundaries as DAOs move into the mainstream. I have years of experience working with attorneys on creative solutions to problems. I’m also already working through some of these issues on the film side as a core member of BlockbusterDAO, and our two endeavors face many of the same obstacles.

I’m also interested in governance and co-management of real assets using blockchain technology with the end goal of making real estate accessible to many more people. When combined with fractionalized ownership, such governance mechanisms can have hugely positive implications for the population at large. I could not be more excited about the opportunity to innovate in this area.

Finally, I’d like for CityDAO to focus on conservation efforts and prioritizing renewable energy across our projects. I believe we can prove to the world that for-profit land & real estate ownership does not need to come at the expense of the environment.

Why you should vote for me
I’ve been a vocal proponent of raising the voice of our citizen population at large. At times it has been tough for me not to toe the line because the core team here has been doing a phenomenal job, yet along the way I’ve seen a few instances where I believe more room should have been left for the people to speak. Please refer to my Discourse posts on CIP-28, and my proposal to raise the voting quorum (CIP-31) for examples. Above all, I hope my words thus far serve as evidence that I am not afraid to engage in constructive debate, and I will always put the best interest of the citizen body first. The power of any DAO lies in its community.

I hope also to be the go-to advisor on the council for marketing and branding initiatives. If CityDAO makes the waves we all intend, we’re going to have to carefully manage our public-facing elements, and my background makes me uniquely qualified for this work.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me and my ambitions for CityDAO. I look forward to answering any questions you’ve got.


Happy to see your pitch @gugz!

“I hope also to be the go-to advisor on the council for marketing and branding initiatives.”

Yes! This is a core competency the DAO would greatly benefit from and is likely the most requested improvement from Citizens. I’d love to see a marketing / branding guild form in the future so we have that capability.

Also highly recommend people check out the voting quorum CIP created and referenced above.

P.s. curious what this tv show is ;p


Thanks for your response @chance !

A marketing & branding guild is a great idea, especially after we have a charter that officially sets our direction and some of our intentions.

The show is called THE FIRST. It starred Sean Penn and aired on Hulu in the US (and elsewhere around the world).

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