Let's brainstorm ideas interesting / quirky things we can collectively do to celebrate 🎊 the land purchase when it happens

Hey all, let’s use this thread to brainstorm fun, quirky or interesting things to do on the land.

ex. collectively buying a drone to fly over the land (perhaps to make a video?), getting a flag to put on the land, etc.

Context: Balaji’s proof-of-concept idea on twitter


I think getting drone footage is a great, non-destructive, high reward idea. It doesn’t even need to be one of us that does the work on the ground. It’s interesting to think that we can do this remotely, hire a local drone operator to go out there, describe what we want, execute a proposal with them, send eth/usdc. Also get some cross exposure with a professional. Here’s a generic video company that can be near Cody. There’s probably a few choices.

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Sex her zaman kazanır.

We could do a Snapchat Lens or some sort of AR lens of ourselves with a digital citydao flag we can plant and tag in our city and share to show our reach both globally and on social media. Etc.

Quick, easy, and cheap and leans into our social strengths.