Let's build a "Hogwarts" in CityDao's land!

Questions in my mind

  • Where should we start building our city? What should we construct first? What is the best way to create a city from scratch?

  • How can we make our city more attractive to people around the world who want to live there and increase its population organically?

  • How can we be more visible on every platform (TVs, social media, etc.) while we are building our city?

  • How can we make our city the leading centre of blockchain in the world? (In the same way that Cambridge and Stanford universities are in science, and Silicon Valley is in technology, and so on.)

Why would building a “Hogwarts” (an iconic building or campus for crypto, blockchain, nft, web3, etc. technologies) on our land first be the answer?

  • An iconic structure with an extraordinary monument can increase our city’s visibility on every platform. People want to see it and talk about it, which increases our popularity.

  • We can gather leading people in these emerging areas to collaborate with each other, generate new products and educate people. The campus could be a basecamp for leading worldwide crypto events and gatherings. In this way, Citydao could create the “Silicon Valley” of Crypto.

  • With its event spaces, study rooms, and accommodation facilities, the campus could be a living area at any time of the year. This makes it attractive, and more and more people want to come, share their moments with like-minded people, and live there.

  • If the population increases in our land, other companies and services will want to establish their branches in our land to serve our people, which will be good for our city’s economy.

  • We can have our own token ($City) and all the payments on our land (salaries for the staff, renting for spaces, and even maybe shopping) can be made with it. By creating our own token, we can create a money flow into our treasury (initial offerings, seed rounds, etc.).

  • This idea also excites the relevant state, because it may create a new and huge economy. Therefore, some tax, land, and construction incentives can be offered by themselves to CityDAO.

I’m curious about your thoughts and excited about starting to build our city. :slight_smile:


Damn It’s really cool


I think it’s a good idea, but

First, we need more money.

Second, the problem is the person. We need a human resource management system to deal with legal and crime issues that consume long-term budgets.

No one would want someone to spread the news. showing negative results for the project If to compare The previous problem with Dogecoin is a good example.

Third, so that everyone can participate. We want to deal with language problems.
Internet at present This wall can be removed.

You know, I’m writing it now. by using a translator
Even if there are some translation errors
I’m sorry here.

If you really start I recommend doing a simulation.
Try making Hogwarts MMORPG online on the sandbox.
I think it should have similar results.

And after that, let’s talk about it again.
I think so.


That’s it. This is what we must wonder


I couldn’t agree more

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this will be the landmark? cool!
i’d agree we need some kind of landmark.

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