Meeting IRL in June on the land?

There has been lots of talk about what to do with the land, how to divide it whether to buy more, etc. These are valuable conversations and fortunately we can do them online so everyone can be included.

Meeting IRL on the Land would also be great for our creativity.

I looked at the weather and that area (Cody, WY) will be warm from June and the snow will have just melted. The wildflowers will be blooming, the hills will be covered in green and the days will be long.

Let’s meet IRL and have a low key party. It would be great to meet each other, share stories and build connections.

For a bit of background, I was in charge of food for our burningman camp for two years. Our gift to the playa was a gourmet Thai dinner for 80. People loved it.

So I know we can organize something great on the Land. June feels like the right time to do it before it gets too dried out later in the summer.

Would love all y’all’s thoughts on the subject.


We can use methods to cover the land with green plants.

down for this idea. I think for a day or so we can do a leave-no-trace campout hang on the land! Lemme know if u need help organizing & rallying


I think this is generally a great idea. One thing to keep in mind is that the land is very windy. So really fun looking scenes like you posted above may be really hard to do. Rattlesnakes are also like v common out there :\ That said, the wind and wildness of the land is kind of the amazing thing.

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I will be in Wyoming at the end of June so Im in.

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This is great! Thanks everyone for commenting. I think this is very doable. It can be a conference for people not just in CityDAO but also those who are DAO-curious. We can pitch tents, go on hikes and people can give presentations, we can have camp fires

My experience with rattlers is if you don’t bother them, they don’t bother you :slight_smile:

Summer is the least windy time there. About half as windy as in the winter: Cody Climate, Weather By Month, Average Temperature (Wyoming, United States) - Weather Spark Actually Summer in Cody is less windy than Summer in Chicago.

what advice do you have for organizing and rallying? I was thinking we could have a zoom call a few of us, then announce it at a weekly all-hands meeting. Any other ideas? Also would be good to have some of your SWAG for the event :wink: