My citizen nft is stolen

with my wallet 0x66eDF605398F2ff73d133979152Db3c9F066d4e7 i was a citizen (token id 42) for months but 1 hour ago i got rugged from an account from an address [] for a nft mint. when i connect my metamask i thought i approved the fee only but in fact it was my citizen nft + fee. my citizen nft sent to address 0x46b2038Cb5d02C2fd2e78e9DD52cb239a074851b with the tx 0xf4c089f820c6a6b2111828abd70509c89fcf41f9e7bf074530f6e7032c0b312b please all friends help me to take my citizen nft back please

now my stolen nft is in the address below
i know i can’t get my nft back
all i want from you is that if it’s possible don’t let this address to do anything with that stolen nft on
please do not let him
i will trace its every movement and write here

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I’m so sorry to hear this happened to you. That’s very frustrating.

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yes i am so disappointed and desperate, of course i had to be very careful but i think it is still stealing and if you look at the address he stole a lot. i have no budget to buy another citizenship now, it has just happened before the parcel 0 mint news. i wrote this to the forum because maybe the DAO can ban the address or something else. as i said i will trace every movement of my stolen nft :frowning:

this address sold my stolen nft to the address 0x3479c309dBce1ae652A43C5E307CAde882BCa1BF on opensea an hour ago