PARCELS 1+++ The Inaugural Real Estate Guild's Role in CityDAO Short and Long Term: Strike zone setup & Umpire to call "ball" and "strike"

I am co-faciliator of The Inaugural Real Estate Guild and in that capacity want to lay out my vision for the role of this guild short term and long term at CityDAO.

Short Term
The Inaugural Real Estate Guild lead by @DAOvolution @scottfits and @MaxRealEstate will collect 100+ ideas for real estate projects (Parcels 1++++) using this form: – PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR IDEAS

With those 100+ ideas, the Real Estate Guild will lead a community discussion around how to rank these ideas according to several attributes

Then the Inaugural Real Estate Guild will synthesize this information into a Strategy & Thesis proposal for CityDAO; We will be drawing a strike zone that anyone on earth can use to pitch CityDAO a project. This strike zone will define the parameters of projects that CityDAO wants to do and the criteria by which the real estate project proposals will be judged.

Long Term
After that Strategy & Thesis strike zone is approved by CityDAO, The Inaugural Real Estate Guild will shift to being an umpire that calls “ball” and “strike” as the pitches come through. We will provide our ratings based on the published criteria.

After each proposal is put forward and the Inaugural Real Estate Guild publishes it’s risk & opportunity assessment for each proposal, CityDAO Citizens can vote to fund each real estate project or not.

With this structure, the Inaugural Real Estate Guild is not a bottleneck to projects happening, nor is it running projects. It is merely rating projects.

This opens to the door to other Real Estate Guilds which oversee ongoing projects. And I can help set those up too.

Also, with this structure, I can bring reputable, experienced real estate developers big and small to the table to pitch CityDAO deals based on my network in the real estate industry.

I look forward to your feedback on this plan of action.

Thank you,


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@RosebuDAO what do you think?

100 ideas is totally arbitrary and we are already 90 yards down the field on this window for submissions, which is set to close in about 15 hours from sending this note.

We’ve had the submission portal open for almost two weeks and only have received 25 ideas. Of those, about half are not even remotely close to reasonable or appropriate to consider further in their current state. So - we have maybe 12-13 ideas to be vetted (currently) and the lack of responses is not remotely related to asking people what they believe the “use” is (or whatever the form deficiency was that you pointed out previously).

People can submit ideas and yet many have not. It seems to be an endemic issue to DAOs (but free riding is not exactly a new principle). So if it takes 2 weeks to get 12 real ideas, we will need 16 weeks to get 100. CityDAO’s community has been loud and clear that they want to see more happening, and quickly.

Speaking in baseball terms - this is a curveball - at the literal 11th hour and does not jive with the overwhelming community direction.

This also creates unnecessary additional work and delay, and I am failing to see any actual CityDAO value to this suggestion, IMHO. I am sure we can all (as intelligent people) devise ways to overcomplicate processes needlessly, but I do not support this - especially at this juncture. KISS - keep it simple, stupid. We are simply obtaining community ideas currently, and the next step, after tomorrow, will be to conduct a feasibility/viability analysis using Real Estate Guild Resources and cross-guild collaboration.

I originally proposed this idea collection campaign and you ran with it without looping me in or enlisting my help to execute it.

This isn’t an 11th hour petition. This is the original plan and me putting it in writing to put you and everyone else on notice that you have not followed the plan.

100 ideas is standard for any sort of real estate acquistions strategy. But you would not know because you aren’t an expert in real estate acquistions or development.

I could submit 75 ideas myself. You haven’t engaged the co-facilitators (me) and you’re complaining about poor results from your poor execution of my concept.

You’re effectively facilitating not the real estate guild but a group of incompetents to embezzle investor’s money. It’s some kind of securities fraud.

Crypto is watching.

Generally makes sense but the order of operations is wrong. why wait for 100+ proposals to draw a strike zone? The RE guild should design a strike zone based on the Mission Guild and cityDAO direction. Drawing a strike zone based on submissions is the wrong motivation - otherwise nonsense submissions are now impacting the strike zone.

I like the idea of RE guild being umpire, and filtering ideas based on the guild’s communicated criteria. Publishing a risk & opportunity assessment for each proposal would be extremely helpful for the community, especially given your RE expertise. RE Guild should be a facilitator, a resource, for citizens of the DAO who don’t have RE expertise or knowhow.

The team is currently accepting proposals, if you have 75 then please send them in! cityDAO would benefit.

@MaxRealEstate you seem to have good ideas and expertise, so idky you lower yourself to accusations and pissing contests, it massively detracts from the value you are trying to add. If you have facts and a case you want to bring around serious accusations, do it. If you are just trying to drag someone’s name through the mud, that’s totally unacceptable. Please keep it productive not competitive - we should all be aligned here.


Yes, that’s an excellent idea:

  • start with the mission
  • then solicit 100 ideas
  • then draft the strike zone