PIP-2: Land Stamps

Yeah, well in that case its Parcel 0 - has earned 2.328749 ETH in royalties. I know royalties is not a substitute for a business plan, but I think driving value back to holding the Citizen nft is goal with this project.

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I quickly misread “be a pioneer” as “be a prisoner” and now I can’t unsee it.

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Cool :slight_smile:

@DAOvolution @Da3vid is there clarity on if the DAO can receive revenue in some capacity yet or not or is this still a research topic?

If we can resolve this question it would be great for applying focus on the topic of treasury replenishment. The topic is not intended as a profit topic, it’s intended as a treasury replenishment topic. There’s a lot of room for that

My understanding is that an LLC is able to make profits. Profits would be for the CityDAO treasury and would just have no bearing on individual profits. There is no expectation that holding an NFT has any returns, but an LLC can make profits for itself.

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Thanks @Da3vid and @DAOvolution for helping clarify this. I’ve suggested a treasury replenishment topic in Discord Proposals-Discuss thread. If all goes well there I’ll make a proper forum post and gauge interest there