Proposal closed--for now

Proposal closed–for now

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Really love the sound of it. But I think I need to see a full edition of the proposal first in order to evaluate. Who will take a lead of it. What utility we can bring to ensure people want to get one to cover our cost. What’s the “requirement” for artist who want to join. Is 100eth a final cost for all operation to get it deployed. I think we need to refine it first before discuss further :thinking:

It’s a good idea, I have two suggestings
1, no only the firt one get the rewords, maybe ten or three top of artists
2, add some funtcion for this NFT, (first one : the nft is a tictket for Offline activities/party ,everyone can supplement)

Thank you for the comment. Couldn’t agree more. This is a test to see if the “Create topic” button works. :sweat_smile:

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When making CIPs, please try to keep them sequentially numbered, such as CIP-55 then CIP-56. The system isn’t perfectly organized, so sometimes we all get the numbers wrong, or accidentally skip one, but it makes the CIPs easier for everyone to find. (I made this mistake myself with an earlier CIP I posted)