Proposals How-to Guide


CIP stands for CityDAO Improvement Proposal. Passing a CIP is needed whenever funds are allocated by the DAO towards an initiative. If you have an idea for a CIP, the first step is to write up the CIP using the below template. Then post it on If you get confused, pop in the Discord and ask questions.

Proposal Process

  1. Writing: Any Citizen NFT holder may write a proposal and post it on the forum.
  2. Discussion: For a proposal to move from forum to snapshot, it must receive 20 likes within 3 weeks.
  3. Voting: A proposal is posted on Snapshot for a vote.

After it passes, the multisig allocates funds to the project!

To be considered a valid proposal, the Planning Guild asks Citizens to use the following format:

CIP Format

1. Proposal TLDR

Describe your proposal, how much money it allocates and to whom, and the expected outcome.

2. Project Team

Please describe team members and their qualifications.

3. Proposal Budget

Please include how much money will be allocated to the project and what types of assets (for example, ETH, USDC, Citizen NFTs).

Describe the justification for how those funds will be spent.

Describe comp for team members and how that comp is distributed (for example hourly, upon completion, etc)

4. Timeline and Deliverables

How long until the project is complete? What are some milestones the DAO can look forward to?

5. Risks

What might go wrong?

6. Regulatory

Will the project require creating new legal entities, new tax burdens for the DAO, or issuing new tokens?


A proposal may be amended between forum post and snapshot posting but amendments should be disclosed on the snapshot clearly in the TLDR section.

Some notes regarding moving funds:

  • Funding Asset: [ETH,USDC,NFT]
  • Safe from which funding is requested: [“Treasury” 0x…]
  • Safe or address to which funding will be sent: [”_____ Guild” 0x….]
  • If recurring funding, duration for which the funding is for: [Month, Day, Year to Month, Day, Year]
  • Total of all funding requested
  • When will funding be requested: [At time of approved vote, At time of objective achieved, Other]
  • Is it possible for funds to go unused? If so, what happens to these funds?
  • Who is in charge of administering funds?
  • Is funding provided in USDC and from the Treasury? If so, what is the percentage of the current USDC balance? aka, do you need more USDC than we have and this is subject to selling ETH