Q3 Community Guild

1.Guild Name

Community Guild

2.Guild Overview

The community guild serves to connect people of all levels with the DAO. The main tasks of the community guild is to ensure that people are successfully boarded into relevant places across our DAO with ease and also connect them with others in meaningful ways, creating a bond between the DAO and its members on a personal level. The guild also works to ensure all people’s understanding of CityDAO’s vision and progress regardless of language barriers, learn about its continuously-evolving structure, answer any relevant questions in the discord and other mediums, encourage contributions, encourage community feeling, and oversee local communities and the entire discord on a daily basis.

3.Guild Facilitator and Comp

Elmo - 3k / mo + 5 Citizen NFTs (Main facilitator & Main city discord admin)

4. Guild Members and Comp

Lupei - 1k / mo + 3 Citizen NFTs (“De-facto” co-facilitator & Thai community mod & marketing-initiative team)

Syntonikka - 1k / mo + 1 Citizen NFTs (AMAs and collaboration lead & Project-based support)

Simplepixellife - 1.5k / mo (Turkish community mod & marketing-initiative team)

Cao (and his team) - 1.5k / mo (Chinese community’s mod team & WeChat initiative)

5.Guild Budget and Justification

$24k + 27 Citizen NFTs for Q3 comp & $13.2k for miscellaneous bounties across Q3 ($37.2k total) The $13.2k miscellaneous bounties budget will be used to fund all activities that are related to community building and empowering, including, but not limited to, host internal community competitions, host external competitions, find relevant external corporations or partnerships, translate relevant documents, and support any initiative that can help a strong brand image and sense of belonging for CityDAO’s members. Any remaining of the $13.2k budget amount will be returned to the treasury at the end of Q3. The compensation of $24k + 27 Citizen NFTs will be used to ensure a continuity of all previous and daily community guild’s operations.

6. Guild Deliverables and Responsibilities

  • Translate all necessary announcements and documents to local language communities to reduce language barriers and encourage their healthy and meaningful participation.
  • Ensuring connectivity between local communities and the wider DAO on all important snapshot votes and current development
  • Answer any DAO-related questions in the discord & connect those questions with relevant contributors and facilitators if needed
  • Connect people with relevant facilitators or contributors in order to create bounty ideas or CIPs
  • Keep the community healthy with moderation & uphold the rules as outlined in #city-laws
  • Create a guideline and onboard citizens and non-citizens alike on how to understand and contribute to CityDAO
  • Hold relevant and/or interesting AMAs both in English and local communities’ languages to retain people’s interest and invite new contributors
  • Host discord activities to encourage people to stay active within CityDAO’s discord
  • Activate passive members through Discord, email newsletters, twitter, and other channels as needed
  • Remove spams and scams on a timely basis & monitor the #new-to-the-dao channel on a daily basis to get rid as many potential threats beforehand & work on how to best get rid of them with new possible tools (if there will be)
  • Work on possible brand-making or marketing initiatives both to encourage strong brand positioning and a strong community feeling for all DAO’s members, which can lead to deeper connection with existing citizens and more royalty income from a secondary sale of our Citizen NFTs (work in collaboration with the media guild)
  • Reach out and encourage any beneficial partnership and collaboration with other credible projects to incentivize citizens and encourage more participations
  • Raise awareness and clarify information for any CityDAO’s approved projects, interesting initiatives from other guilds, and snapshot votes to normal members (both citizens and non-citizens, including those non-native English speakers)

7. Guild KPIs

  • Numbers of new local communities’ active contributors added during the quarter
  • Numbers of community-created CIPs posted on the forum
  • Numbers of community-initiated bounties
  • Numbers of reactions given to any important project’s announcement
  • Discord response time to questions asked in non-guild and non-project channels
  • Response time to remove spams & scams post from the discord
  • Number of activities hosted and numbers of submissions or participation in those activities
  • Numbers of new members who introduce themselves in #introduce-yourself

Should this include Community managing Discord channels, roles, permissions, etc?


Hmmm this is things that, if I’m not misunderstanding, the operation has already taken responsible to during the Q2 and ask us to not interfere too much aside from some minor changes (FYI: we’re not the one that deal with most bots in the server). For Q3, the planning guild, which include Lyons from the old operation guild, actually include “Ensuring smooth access to tools, SaaS, Discord, operational items” as their no.3 Deliverables, so I think they will be the main guild to take care of those tasks while the community is the one to leverage them and add some minor changes as needed. :thinking:

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Good idea, Love it :sparkling_heart:

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Thanks, sir! Will do our best for the community :pray:

I’ll support you, Keep trying.

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You are always doing the good jobs, trust in you bro.

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Keep going bro!, for better commu!

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Thank you a lot. Will do my best for the community :fire:

Thanks for your kind word, :pray: Won’t let you guys down :fist:

For the better and stronger community! :muscle:

This budget seems worth it to me, we could consider reducing bounties to 6k

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I think 2k a month will give us a considerable risk of needing more budget, one community competition can easily cost 1000 a month for prizes, which can then lead to a prolonged CIP in the mid of Q3. I personally don’t think we would use more than 10k bounty budget across 3 months, but, after a talk with many local communities members and guilds members, We think go with this is a lot safer. (We went with 20k bounties before, so this 13.2k already lean ourselves almost half)


let go ! loveeeeeeeeee

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I’ll support you, Keep trying.

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Haha yeah Won’t let you guys down :fire:

Thanks a lot! Currently working everyday to get us some good partnerships. Raising awareness and good collaborations to empower and cheer up local communities will be our major goals in the next quarter :+1:

Proposed Adjustments @elmo

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Will provide a comment tmr :+1:


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