Q3 - Design Guild

This proposal seeks to clarify the roles, responsibilities and OKRs of the Design Guild. This does not seek to supplant or replace CIP-69, unless it does not pass a Snapshot vote, at which point this proposal may move to an independent Snapshot vote.

Our focus this quarter is on the following 3 objectives:

  1. To continue growing a talented, diverse and open community of designers that are committed to CityDAO’s mission and vision.

  2. To work closely with the Development Guild to ship well-designed products.

  3. To work collaboratively with all guilds to fulfill design requests as needed.

Q2 Recap

Here is the full list of key highlights & learnings from Q2.

Objective 1: Website

  • Shipped the long-awaited update to CityDAO’s website to include pages for Citizens, Guilds, Events, Parcels and Grants.
  • Redesign and refresh of website styles to appear more professional, up-to-date and inline with the current design system.
  • Integrations with Notion, Discord, Google and Sobol to automate live updates to the site.

Objective 2: Parcel 0 NFT Drop

  • Worked closely with Dev guild to design and implement Parcel 0 Claim Website
  • Designed holding image for Parcel 0 NFT.

Objective 3: Parcel 0 Parcel Viewer

  • Worked closely with Dev guild to improve design of the Parcel 0 Parcel Viewer.
  • Designed revealed NFT Image for Parcel 0.

Objective 4: CityDAO Design System/Style Guide

  • Developed a working style guide/design system that can be used across guilds to streamline visual communication and messaging.

Objective 5: Miscellaneous Design Bounties

  • Completed various external guild bounties for posters/banners/other assets.
  • Completed several internal “competition” style bounties aimed at being conducive to creative submissions open to various skill levels and backgrounds.

Continuing Activities & Proposed Budget

This quarter, we are continuing to use OKRs (Objectives and Key Results):

  1. Grow Design Guild Talent Pool

Key Results:

— Number of bounties claimed by # of unique individuals (recruitment)

— Number of bounties claimed by # of same individuals (retention)

  1. Work Closely with Dev Guild to Ship Product

Key Results:

— Number of projects shipped where design support is provided

— Number of bounties claimed from aforementioned projects

  1. Fulfill CityDAO-wide design requests as needed.

Key Results:

— Number of design requests successfully completed

— Number of bounties claimed from aforementioned requests

Q3 Budget Requirements

Budget Category Description Amount Miscellaneous Variation from last quarter
Facilitator Monthly Comp. $5,000 * 5 NFTs total NA
Bounties Bounties and Expenses $10,000 * 10 NFTs total NA

***There will be approximately $12,000 remaining in the treasury at the end of Q2. Thus, with an additional request of $15,000, that will bring the total to $27,000.


The Design Guild will consist of one facilitator, Casey, who will then bounty, guide and empower multiple individuals to become project managers, assistant managers and contributors.

Casey has a background managing design teams for a number of projects and startups in the web 2 space, and is an active contributor to various Web 3 projects, including CityDAO.


Wanted to follow up and add some things we learned from Q2:

1.) Managing the website project completely “in house” without stakeholders from other guilds prolonged development time. A project based approach would have kept the redesign in sync with the evolving course of CityDAO and made key decisions something everyone could “own” vs a single guild. After all, a website sets the tone and direction for the entire DAO.

2.) More bounties should be paid in NFTs. We burned too much USDC and did not net enough long-term contributors. Granting citizens nfts/parcel 0 nfts for medium to small bounties, along with some mix of USDC, might be a better strategy next quarter.

3.) Design guild needs a better funnel for design requests. Other guilds should have a simple way to request resources from Design. In Q2 too much of these requests were done via DMs or in Channels and some either slipped through the cracks or weren’t routed efficiently. Next quarter we plan to implement a better system for this.


The design guild did a lot in Q2, the new website is awesome. I would love if there was an explanation of some Q3 goals and initiatives. Are there any metrics that one can use to confirm that the design guild is doing a great job?

In light of the bear market, I am giving every facilitator cost cutting recs to help preserve the DAO treasury. Suggestions:

  • Reduce Bounties to 5k
  • Reduce Monthly comp to 4k