Q3 - Development Guild

Kia Ora.

This proposal is a rework of the initial Q3 Dev budget to bring the budget in line with a treasury preservation strategy and to align with CIP-65.

CIP-65 promotes project budgets, where projects include a budget for development bounties if required. As such, Parcel-1 has been removed from the Dev Guild Q3 budget. Any development requirements for future projects need to be budgeted in the CIP before snapshot.


For Q3, the Dev Guilds three highest priorities will be;

  1. Building the technology to support the next land parcel(s) as decided by the CityDAO community.
  2. Providing opportunities for our talented team of engineers to release innovative projects that “put CityDAO on the map” and support our mission.
  3. Working closer with the design guild as a product team.

Q2 Recap

The Dev Guild made extensive progress in Q2, releasing the Parcel 0 mint, working on the Parcel 0 Reveal and providing engineering support to CityDAO and the wider guilds.

Here is the full list of key highlights & learnings from Q2.

Objective 1: Deliver Parcel 0 NFT Launch

  • Successful mint with low gas fees using a merkle proof allow list.
  • Increased the scope of work for the Parcel 0 Mint to set standards and create templates that are reusable for future parcels.
  • Additional work for the mint led to higher development costs ($18.8k vs $6.2k) but provided templates to build future parcels and smart contracts.
  • Parcel 0 Reveal scope has been expanded to take account of real world environmental and social constructs - small communities within the parcel, real world hazards, roads, common areas and a few surprises. It’s going to be epic.

Objective 2: Set standards and templates

  • Parcel 0 NFT included the establishment of; smart contract templates, a smart contract upgradability pattern, a smart contract admin tool, testing frameworks and a repurposable mint claim portal
  • Initial engineering standards have been set for the Dev Guild

Objective 3: Dev Guild Hygiene

  • Re-establish and tidy the Dev Guild Notion page
  • Restart onboarding flow for new devs
  • Set weekly dev syncs
  • Set compensation hourly rates for tasks and experience levels
  • Start forming ways of working with co-guilds

Proposed Objectives

This quarter, we are using OKRs for priority setting and planning with three key objectives laid out below:

1. Deliver Future Land Parcels

Build the technology for future land parcels

Key Results:

  • Provide feasibility and planning support to CIP proposers at the ideation stage.
  • Retain and grow an engaged development community with the technical expertise to deliver complex Web3 projects.
  • Deliver projects with Dev Guild members as part of CIP project teams.

2. Provide Opportunities for Innovation

Create opportunities and budget for our talented team of engineers to release innovative projects that “put CityDAO on the map” and support our mission.

Key Results:

  • Engineering contributors remain active within CityDAO and prioritise working with us.
  • Release at least 2 projects that push CityDAO and Web3 innovation.
  • Create technical blog posts sharing our work with the Web3 community.
  • Have a CityDAO citizen give at least one talk at a recognised conference or event on one of the innovation projects.

3. Work closer with the Design Guild as a Product team

Projects to date have required close collaboration with the Design Guild. This quarter, we want to work closer together.

Key Results:

  • Number of shared projects and bounties completed

Q3 Budget Requirements

Budget Category Description Amount Miscellaneous
Bounties Innovation Fund (Objective 2) $18,000 + 25 NFTs Small proof of concept bounties. Projects above $10k go to CIP for budget.
Bounties Core Services - existing web services, scripts and tooling $12,000 + 15 NFTs Bounties for security and core BAU tasks. Projects above $10k go to CIP for budget.
Bounties CIP technical requirements and feasibility (Objective 1) $2,000 Allows non technical proposers to get technical support when creating a CIP
Facilitator Tuncay (20hrs per week) $3,000 + 5 NFTs per month
Facilitator Reeves (10hrs per week) $1,500 + 3 NFTs per month

*Facilitator comp to be in line with the wider DAO. Current comp assumes CIP-69 is passed.

Total Q3 Budget

Bounties: $32,000 + 40 NFTs
Facilitators: $13,500 + 24 NFTs
Total: $45,500 + 64 NFTs

The budget excludes Parcel 0 Reveal bounties totaling $23,100. A budget request from Mission is in progress to fund the majority. In the future, this process will be replaced with a CIP project budget.

Developer Rates

As context, the standard set of hourly rates for developer contributions is shared below. This is used to estimate the budget for bounties.

Senior (Rate-1) Associate (Rate-2)
Solidity $100 $70
Product / PM $90 $60
Frontend $90 $60
Backend $90 $60