Q3 - Grants and Innovations guild

We propose $40,000 in new funding, and will continue to operate on the encumbered funds allocated in last quarter and contained in our gnosis.
New funds will solely be used for the purpose of awarding grants under the process laid out by the grants committee last quarter.

cc @gugz @will


I like it. In light of the bear market, what if we do $30k this quarter

I think from our conversation at the last meeting that this would be acceptable

I think we should hold off on additional funding for grants.

We still have the $40k allocated to this effort from last quarter, I’d like to see that money used first to see how effective and what sorts of outcomes and projects succeed or don’t.

We had discussed in the group of allocating the new funding to hackathons and the like events. I can provide more detail to the committee Lyons set up.

If we’ll find the right candidates, we’ll use hackathons as an opportunity to show our brand (sponsorship). And if you think that our potential customers is already there, that would be a good to the point marketing.