Q3 - Legal and Transactional Services Guild

Please Note - I am personally still much more interested in CIP-70 - moving to a Mayor-Council model of governance, however, to keep up with current posts, I am including this Guild Proposal for a Legal and Transactional Services Guild

1. Guild Name
Legal and Transactional Services

2. Guild Overview
The Legal and Transactional Services guild is responsible for managing DAO in house legal matters and operations, liaising with and managing outside counsel, and leading any transactions that may arise respecting real estate matters. After all, CityDAO is located primarily in the United States - so we need a good / dedicated legal team.

3. Guild Facilitator / Comp
Josh - $6k / mo + 2 Citizen NFTs per month

4. Guild Members / Comp
David, Walt - $2k/mo + 1 Citizen NFT per month (each)

5. Guild Budget and Justification
$30k + 12 NFTs for Q3 comp & $6k for Q3 for miscellaneous bounties ($36k total) - bounty amount is authorized and returned to main treasury at end of Q3 if unused. For now, no bounties in legal are anticipated. The comp is designed to offset opportunity costs and provide incentive for the members to participate and add value.

6. Guild Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Legal Issue Spotting and Risk Mitigation
  • Communicating with / managing outside counsel
  • Ensuring legal needs are met and deliverables are provided on time and in full
  • Leading negotiations / interactions with third parties where agreements are to be signed
  • Signing authorization on behalf of the DAO
  • Holding 1:1s with guild facilitators and providing feedback/guidance
  • Parcel 0 Rules and Legal Matters
  • Property Tax Management and Zoning/Municipal Law Research
  • Corporate structure as needed
  • Day to day in house legal services, including without limitation, the development of a privacy program compliant with current law, and any trademark/IP matters
  • Champions of governance: Master CIP template and procedure, Charter simplification/overhaul, and alignment of all operative legal documents

7. Guild KPIs

  • Time spent dedicated to CityDAO legal and real estate matters
  • Documents and transactions reviewed / negotiated
  • Management and cost-effectiveness of outside counsel spend

This is great! should another responsibility be the management of the current LLC or is that implied in the above?


@DAOvolution @kkopczyn Time on Project, rather than Time at Community?

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Do you mean management of the legal entity? (For example, I filed our Annual Report renewal for Wyoming on Wednesday - so legal is sort of handling the admin of the LLC already and I would hope for it to stay that way, and Alex for example is leading the LLC’s efforts respecting tax obligations - so I think it sort of falls to guilds in its current form).

In terms of day-to-day management, I would really hope that we can of course use one of the current guild/structure proposals to “manage” day to day operations, sort of as we have up to this point. In an ideal world, CityDAO would have very clean governance that supports all of the necessary authorizations and exercises of decision making discretion by any individuals who take “action” on behalf of the DAO. In terms of legality and “management” of the DAO however, we are an algorithmically managed DAO under our filings and Wyoming law.

I am perhaps missing the question, but happy to address any items. I would look at this guild most like an “in house legal team” by analogy!

sort of like billable hours, only they are not truly billable. I think a lot of time gets spent just typing in Discord, which is not how I would measure value. More like time spent actually pursuing/achieving deliverables needed by the DAO!

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great writeup, love this

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Yes managing the entity, I knew you were already doing this so unsure if it should be explicitly included in the goals of the guild. Whichever way makes the most sense!


This guild should not need too many bounties, let’s cut it to 6k

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Ok sounds good, done

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Can this be merged with Finance Guild ?

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They’re pretty distinct functions. There isn’t much overlap in skill sets for these.


Agree with @kkopczyn, although original discussions included a “compliance” guild where legal and finance were in the same group. In the day job world - legal and finance are very close. As long as its not me worrying about accounting or Alex doing legal, it could in theory work.

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