Q3 - Media Guild*

  1. Guild Name


  1. Guild Overview

The mission of the Media Guild is to produce and help manage public-facing content to bring further awareness, spark conversations, share successes, answer questions, and grow the CityDAO community.

  1. Guild Facilitators and Comp

missa - 3k / mo + 6 Citizen NFTs (Full time - 20 hours a week) / MemeBrains - 2K / mo + 3 Citizen NFTs (part time 10 hours a week + podcast)

*Note - facilitator budgets are flexible and will adjust to whatever the new DAO average budgets end up being to remain on par with everyone else.

  1. Guild Members and Comp

TBD - would like to onboard marketing leads including potentially SimplePixelLife, influencers, experts on different social platforms, etc…

  1. Guild Budget and Justification

$15k for Q3

  • Podcast - To bundle into media CIP-38 Podcast Funding Request & Progress Update = 6K - snapshot already passed
  • Media - Bounty budget for media tasks related to Parcel launches - 4.5K
  • Marketing - Bounty budget for marketing projects and efforts related to Parcel launces - 4.5K
    ** *Willing to swap some of the Media/Marketing/Podcast budget for NFTs potentially if that is a better use of resources/funds
  1. Guild Responsibilities and Deliverables
  • Re-focus Podcast episodes towards Tier 1 subjects ie; Parcel subjects and Parcel related guests.
  • Launch Community Roundup Videos on YouTube and with near-zero budget to help facilitate communication within the DAO and create a center piece for YouTube that’s relevant and focused.
  • Proceed with full branding kit alongside Design Guild so any and all DAO materials look professional and unified with near-zero additional budget.
  • Marketing - Design a clear market research strategy and SEO strategy to help grow CityDAO’s public visibility and credibility on Google and beyond (collaborating with SimplePixelLife / CityDAO Slogan).
  • Media interview prep package and database so we know who can and wants to speak to the media on behalf of the DAO about specific initiatives related to the launch of Parcels.
  • Establish a clear pipeline for all media content to be approved by Legal.
  • Quality Control - Establish a clear QC pipeline that encourages community engagement, establish a clear onboarding process for new Media members, establish inter-DAO pipeline for new media projects and proposals.
  • Twitter growth, tracking, and content strategy

– Other projects will need to go through a Prioritization Test first to determine if the action items fall directly into Tier 1 for right now, or as Tier 2 for later down the road, ie: after Parcel 1

Tier 2 Projects:

There will be no budget expenditure on Tier 2 projects unless the project is moved up to a Tier 1 priority with the help of a public pipeline/accountability process (exact process TBD).

  • TikTok launch - potential to move or a Tier 1 priority if a clear strategy related to Parcels is proposed.
  • Educational YouTube Series / Educational YouTube Series for Building Futuristic Eco Smart Cities
  • Produce content for all other social platforms (Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube Shorts, etc)
  1. Guild KPIs
  • Track engagement and growth - Twitter growth + post engagement / website visits / Discord growth / Email list growth
  • *SEO - What is seen on page 1 of Google
  • Number of bounties completed per month

For the full media CIP visit - Media Guild CIP V5* - Jun 29th - Google Docs