Q3 Planning Guild

1. Guild Name

2. Guild Overview
The Planning guild is responsible for setting DAO quarterly goals, managing bounties, and empowering contributors.

3. Guild Facilitator and Comp
scottfits - 3k / mo + 6 Citizen NFTs

4. Guild Members and Comp
Lyons, Gugz, Josh - 3k / mo + 3 Citizen NFTs each

5. Guild Budget and Justification
$20k for the Q3 for a a bounty empowerment pool and hiring a virtual assistant for Discord operations (banning bots, giving people access to services, paying invoices etc)

6. Guild Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Setting CityDAO quarterly goals
  • Working with each guild quarterly to create a budget for paying facilitators, bounties, and misc expenses.
  • Setting and communicating a mission, vision, and values
  • Ensuring smooth access to tools, SaaS, Discord, operational items
  • Removing blockers for guild facilitators and other core contributors
  • Holding 1:1s with guild facilitators and providing feedback
  • Empowering DAO contributors to take on bounties

7. Guild KPIs

  • Citizen Time at CityDAO Property per month
  • Number of bounties completed per month

Thanks Scott. My one question is… what differentiates the “facilitator” from the “member” and why does the former get slightly higher compensation? The hours-per-week comp structure made a bit more sense to me… but if you can articulate what extra work you’d be doing I’d be okay with this too.

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@scottfits would an addition responsibility for the guild be: “Shepherding of project proposals to CIP”?


@scottfits @DAOvolution This feels like a better approach to “product dev enforcement” then I think we currently have as org. I would love to see KPIs applied to as much as possible, from an “community investor standpoint”. Would also be willing to commit to contribution to this Guild, were it to receive the appropriate votes.

It seems to me that with other DAO projects starting to see marketplace fit, this org clearly has “first movers advantage”. If I were granted counsel consideration on a single concept, it would be to further investigate this TANGIBLE value AS an org.

A Planning entity should be discussing the foundational and utility “codes” (enforcement), necessary for us all to build & contribute to our beloved City on chain. :hammer_and_wrench:

As soon as we all know the rules to build in/on, the more confident all of the builders will have in doing so in this space. Thank you.

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Absolutely should imo!

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@lyons800 - I didn’t see a call scheduled to talk about the planning guild. Did I miss it?

In general, this guild has a heavy base salary - 12k per month for 4 facilitators, and I’m still not really sure what they would do. Is there a way @scottfits you can be more specific? Maybe even give some examples of how you spent your time the past quarter for each of your bullet points in #6?

For example, met with each guild facilitator 1x a month each month for 1 hour. Or under removing blockers for guild facilitators… what did you actually do? Give them access to the mirror.xyz account? stuff like that? not sure here.

I definitely want to pay people for their time to keep CityDAO moving, but I also think this needs to be a little more specific about scope and accountability. I’d say the same for all the other guilds, but this one in particular is a little vague.

I agree, I am reviewing all guilds today and submitting my final opinions. I think we will schedule a few calls for planning as it seems to be the least defined. Will have a few posted by end of day !


Also i will be adding all of this context as i am doing in the following folder