Resignation from CityDAO's Administration - Da3vid

On April 30, when the council’s term ends, I will be leaving CityDAO’s administration. I will stop working with our outside legal counsel and our accountant. I will no longer be involved in the taxes. I will stop paying for our postal address, web address and gmail accounts, and I will stop moderating discord, discourse and Snapshot. This is because of the unfounded defamation of my character on discord and the lack of remediation by the council. While I have the ability to ban people from discord, I will not do it without council authorization, which I do not have. Instead, I will remove myself from a toxic environment.

I joined CityDAO in 2021 because I care deeply about public goods and was impressed by the quality of the citizens, the discussions, and the vision of using web3 and blockchain tech to help the world. I felt that CityDAO represented an innovative, international community which could forward the on-chain, decentralized governance of land. I was on the first city council and helped write the city charter with the original team. We met for hours everyday, unpaid, based on a shared vision and goal. One highlight was going to Wyoming with everyone, visiting Parcel 0, and working for hours every day on the DAO. It was an exciting and wonderful experience that I will never forget.

I faciliatated both the legal guild and the education guild. Though not without challenges, it was an incredibly meaningful and valuable experience for me. Some of my highlights included the weekly CityDAO discussion group, running a successful 3-day web3 education conference with the education guild team, teaching about CityDAO at Inholland University with ScottA, and helping with the creation of NFT leases and licenses. And a big shoutout to TeachAnything! with Tippi - a fun and powerful project that helped many people.

When CityDAO moved to a project-based system, I helped lead the big parcel project with Gugz, which become t0wn, and the RTM peer-reviewed DAO journal project. I am still involved in both these projects and they are still worthwhile and enjoyable to me. I hope they will benefit the DAO and web3 space. I attended Permissionless last year and ETHDenver this year, working with Blackacres, Memebrains and Bossdragon on the Harberger Tax Marketplace, which was an amazing experience.

I am now in the second city council and here’s where things have gone off the rails for me. I have been repeatedly insulted, attacked, and accused of being a racist on discord with no evidence. The council has chosen not to act on this, which normalizes this behavior. I have done nothing unethical, certainly nothing illegal and I am not a racist. It’s absurd that I even need to say this, but I take slander and libel very seriously. I no longer hear meaningful discussions about the blockchain or web3, much of the community has moved on to more positive projects, and I believe our vision of helping the world has become myopic, focused on profits. For these reasons, I have decided no longer to be part of the DAO in an administrative capacity.

A sincere thanks to Scott, Lyons, Casey, Nico, Stuttgart, Josh, Blackacres, Fugyeah, Memebrains, Chance, Bpetes, Konrad, 2James, Asincrypto, Gugz, Alex, Denvercitizen, Favian, Elmo, Lupei, Simplepixel, Tuncay, Ming, Missa, Reeves, ScottA, Melinda, Tippi, Pat, Walt, Vortoxica, Clinamenic, Ioana, Quantumdoll, avotoast, ETHlaw, benmvic and to all the builders who have spent their most precious commodity - time - working on creating something to leverage the innovative and disruptive power of web3 and the blockchain. I strongly believe in this space and will continue to take part in whatever capacity I can.


Thank you for the immense effort put into CityDAO and the dedication you showed while an integral part of the DAO. Much of the initial platform for the diverse communities in the DAO was fostered by your efforts in the Education Guild, where a plurality of cultures and languages met together to either listen to mini lectures on web 3 topics or just to simply get together and chat on Fridays.

Your effort and dedication has been proven true through both the good times and the bad. A prime example of showing up and putting in the work required to keep an experiment running.

I sincerely wish you all the best in the future wherever life takes you. Also know, you are always welcome back into the fold here at CityDAO.

Thank you,

Jonathan Reyes


You have been the heart and soul of CityDAO IMO. I don’t know the details, but these accusations are insane. David is one of the most ethical and honest people I have had the pleasure of meeting. Sad to hear this.