Revenue: Natural Capital & Ecosystem Services Values

Hello fellow Citizens. I have been following from the sidelines and it seems like some income and revenue is desired. As a lot of you know, investment real estate is all about income. Income drives financial value. (I have been in CIRE for 20+ years, a CCIM since 2007, and done about $1.5B worth of deals in 40+ states.)

However, not everything is about money. It is about Value. If any of you have been following the climate and nature crisis you know we need to throw all sorts of Value at it: skills, expertise, knowledge, hard work, innovation and of course money.

To that end, at .basin ( we have been developing a new real estate investment class to mobilize “normal” real estate capital to climate and nature properties. We can go more into that later but the reason I am posting here is that this may be a way for you to add some income to your current properties and provide rationale to purchase more. In fact Parcel0 “usage” is listed as “conservation”. The .basin model is built for “conservation finance”.

The point of the post is to gauge interest in a CIP funding request from me/.basin to conduct our basinStack methodology on Parcel0 and Blanca (and possibly other parcels you re considering). The basinStack establishes existing Ecosystem Services Values in $/p/acre/p/year. We would then mint you REcerts (ERC-1155’s) to certify the Nature value of those Ecosystem Services the land provides. You could then hold or sell those REcerts. The REcerts are also shares in all of .basin and provide flow of shared value back to the holders. Lots more details but that is the gist.

Here is an overview of the basinStack. We use over 4,000 scientific ecosystem studies to establish the value the land is providing above and beyond the real estate value. We also identify any possible “additive” projects like reforestation or improved land management for carbon credits.

Here are four pilots we are working on now. Note that if the ESV was converted to annual cash payments it would be about a 26% yield.

I prefer talking rather than typing and would be open to being on your podcast or doing a zoom town hall or discord stage or twitter space and we could go over more details and answer questions. Or ping me publicly on twitter.

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