RFP: Parcel 0 Monument

What is this?
We are seeking someone to lead a CityDAO Improvement Proposal (CIP) to accomplish the following. If it’s you, comment on this Discord with your idea and someone from the CityDAO team will reach out. You are also free to just get started yourself by reading the Proposal How-to Guide

Requested Proposal:
Currently, Parcel 0 is CityDAO’s flagship property yet it is underutilized. There is a flag, some IoT sensors, and a park bench on the property, but we want to think bigger. We are looking for someone to take lead on developing a vision for a monument, art installation, or something else creative for the parcel. Some ideas include a statue of the CityDAO logo, a James Turrell like art sculpture, or a kiosk where you can collect a rare NFT.

Estimated Workload
40-50 hours and some logistics, potentially requiring travel to Cody, Wyoming.

$50k recommended, but can be more or less depending on project sponsor vision.

Completion Reward
$5k recommended, but can vary depending on effort and project complexity


I’m skeptic about the sculptures just because of the ex-mayor of the capital city of Turkey.

Yeah, sculptures are rarely well-regarded as time goes on. Hard to pull off without making someone (maybe everyone) mad.

But! I think we should be up for the challenge. Parcel 0 is essentially a monument already, to what, to whom, and to why is the big question we’re debating here.

I think something that both recognizes the land and its history (the locals) along side the purchasers of the land and their history (citydao) is the right path at least.

Throwing this back out there: CIP-113: Sell Parcel 0.

Parcel-0 is like the heart of CityDAO project, the very beginning of a endless journey. Every steps taken for Parcel-0 will actually give us the chance to talk people about CityDAO.

Web3 is great, its future, its near and every single one should be involve somehow.
Web2 is still hot, majority of people believe in and IRL will never die.

CityDAO is like a bridge between 2 worlds and actually one of the biggest features that distinguishes us from other projects. So we may use this advantage and work for it.

How to Parcel-0 ?
What do we have where we live ? at our city ?

  •    Food & Healthcare & Accomodation
  •    Houses
  •    Museums
  •    Tech Centers
  •    Education Centers
  •    Green Areas
  •    Banks
  •    Factories
  •    Energy Centers
  •    Farms

And so on…

Among them, “ART” will be the one that will excite and unite the most of us. Especially when we consider NFT World and / or Web3.

An art project who will unite web3 & web2…
An art project with someone has a reputation in space and work internationally
An art project which can tell a story for Parcel-0

A monument by Refik Anadol !


Refik Anadol (born 1985) is a Turkish-American new media artist and designer. His projects consist of data-driven machine learning algorithms that create abstract, dream-like environments. He lives and works in Los Angeles.

To learn more ;

Refik is a perfect example for NFT space who actually work in a different way performing his art. He’s into photography, AI is his life, great passion for generative art and so on…
I’ll drop some links of his works below.

Why Refik ?

  •    He’s a Turkish friend who actually works internationally. Great reputation at US and at other countries
  •    Famous at NFT space
  •    Have many projects and never stops creating
  •    Not a conventional artist, brave and open to innovation
  •    Has a potential to add great value to CityDAO brand

What to create ?
The brief would be to tell the story of CityDAO and to create a DAO monument. Then it will be all up to Refik to do his work.

Physical Art or NFT ?
Both !
We will take advantage of being a project that includes both worlds.
We will going to build a monument at Parcel-0, physical version.
Than make a NFT collection ;

  •    10 K total
  •    10 Legendary
  •    100 Super Rare
  •    1000 Rare
  •    Rest Common


The idea will be that NFTs will be distributed who will visit Parcel-0 and the DAO monument.
Will be exciting !
Imagine that Refik created a monument at Parcel-0 and people will visit to get it !
Hype ? I think so…

What CityDAO will gain ?

  •    Interest to CityDAO
  •    Interest to Parcel-O project
  •    Actual visitors at Parcel-0 other than contributors or citizens
  •    Experience to work with an artist & collaboration
  •    Income for CityDAO treasury to explore more
  •    A chance to build more at Parcel-0 for visitors
  •    Great way to experiment

How to giveaway NFTs ? Use of App ?
How to secure the place, the monument ?
How to host the visitors ?
What will be the condition of agreement with the artist ?
Business Plan ?

The ones above and many other details will be evaluated after the project start and will be shared with community.

Happy to have feedbacks.



How about running this by Burning Man Arts Program? They’d have a line on some sculpture artists that could be a good fit. I’d be happy to reach out.

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Love Refik Anadol’s work.

I love this idea!!

Well said.

Im a ceramic artist and teacher but I’ve never worked on anything large enough to be considered a monument.

My thoughts are that a monument to CityDAO should be inspired by decentralisation and community involvement. For instance, all users with access to 3D printers or fabrication technology should create the same objects, which are then send to the artist, who uses these identical components to create the monument.

Imagine a Jenga like structure made from metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, glass and resin components from around the world…


I think adding a monument for a monument’s sake on Parcel 0 is a poor decision and a waste of money at this point. The choices that went to a Snapshot poll are a mockery of any effort to make real change here with the resources we have.

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agreed! just do it! All we need to do is forward i think.