Running for City DAO Council - Citizen @Fugyeah - Aaron Nevins

**Discord username: Fugyeah
**ETH Address: Cloud3.eth

About Me

My name is Aaron Nevins and I’m a Business and Political Consultant out of Florida.

I started my career driving a bus for a bunch of important senators on a statewide tour of Florida. After that, I worked in various policy roles for the Florida Legislature for almost a decade. In 2012 I started my own full service public policy shop where I provide various (lobbying, grassroots organizing, strategic direction, campaign management, etc) services for organizations of all sizes.

I got my first computer in 1988. My parents got me an IBM PS2 8086 the day my brother was born. I had a 2400 bps modem that I used to log into local BBS’s and download pictures, music and games. The web3 community reminds me of those days and the optimism and opportunity for the future.

My vision for the future of CityDAO

Where do you think CityDAO should go? I believe CityDAO needs to take a step by step approach with an eye always toward driving value for CityDAO citizens. Driving value can mean multiple things: value in membership value in use, monitary value, etc.

I would like to see CityDAO take steps to build (or buy) and operate a mobile home park, condominium, or apartment building that we can put on the chain. I think this is a tangible goal that moves us forward, and we can use to further make the bridge between current law, property ownership in the real world and the blockchain.

My opinion on what a perfect Council member is

Sitting on the Council is a public trust. You have to be respectful of the confidence placed in you by other citizens by acting with integrity and independence.

The first and most important qualification is that Council Members need to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

The Council members have a responsibility to be accountable to the citizens, and hold accountable colleagues whose behavior may threaten the honor and integrity of the DAO.

They may not let personal employment or personal conflicts impair their independence of judgment in the exercise of official duties.

Why you should vote for me

I joined the DAO in November and decided to jump Right In and participate. I’ve done work on the Constitution committee I will be honored if given the opportunity by the community to continue that work.
I’ve also participated on the public affairs committee, and worked to drive the conversation forward during Community calls on some of the more critical (legal, etc) issues surrounding this community.
I have joined in numerous other committee calls and met many wonderful citizens that I have learned to trust. If given the opportunity to serve, I will continue to foster and promote this collaborative atmosphere.


Let me first say that I am not a Citizen, so I have no vote on the council members. I have not been paying attention to who is running, their credentials, etc. That being said:

However, as a former citizen who interacted with Fugyeah a fair amount in discussions of Citizens’ legal rights and obligations, I found him to be combative, pushy, and abrasive.

If I possessed Citizenship, not knowing anything about the other candidates, I would actively vote against.

I’m not going to argue with you or further engage other then to say that I have respectfully participated in discussions with members and citizens throughout the DAO, including providing instructive and constructive participation to your concerns.

I do believe that as a membership organization, the voice of citizens should have greater priority and volume than non citizens in determining our future. I will definitely listen to my fellow citizens and fight strongly for them against any outside influence who may not have our best interests in mind.

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Just commenting here to voice my support. Would also like to note the only comment against his candidacy is made by a non-citizen who has slandered the DAO on numerous occasions.


I honestly and truly believe that we need people to voice dissent and bring up uncomfortable truths in a well functioning organization.

I’m happy to see you running @Fugyeah. I like the way you broke this pitch down - great section prompts! Also, I didn’t know that’s how you started your career. I bet you’ve got some good stories!

I believe CityDAO needs to take a step by step approach with an eye always toward driving value for CityDAO citizens.

Hell ya! People flock to cities because of the access to opportunities they provide. I 100% support you on this. Also, sitting on council = public trust - loved that line.

I’ll add: @Fugyeah has been an active and engaged member in the community since November and has been involved in various projects and discussions around the DAO. There’s no denying it - @Fugyeah is a bit of a character and you can always count on him to give his honest perspective (two traits I admire). DAOs, including ours, can greatly benefit from having people who aren’t afraid to be a dissenting voice (in a respectful manner, of course). He is also a core member of what will no doubt be one of the DAOs most valuable guilds given our space: #public-affairs.

Thank you all for the kind words.
I’m happy to answer any other questions or discuss my policy views with members of the community.

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I’m curious to hear what other forms of value you see that can be driven towards Citizens?

I think there’s a couple things that could be done to drive value. First, I think the council is going to be making a critical decision as to the splits down the line. This is a critical calculation that needs to be a top down decision as an organization. Let’s just say 1/3 of the Royalty sales should go to the main citydao treasury of all future parcel sales. Parcel 0, parcel 1, etc
I see 2/3-1/2 of the royalties being needed to fund continued operations of the parcel.
These rules, tax policy and a solid mission statement and community vision to guide us are going to be most critical driving value going forward.

I also think there are things we can do to drive emotional value for the DAO citizens, most immediately I think we need to tighten up access and what it means to be a citizen. This means all the way down to access on discord.

Next, I think we need to focus on the experiences and emotional value that we can immediately try to provide.
I think we should create networking opportunities and business incubator services as well as encourage citizens to do business with each other IRL. That means cross pollination of the guilds or business networking events. I think we should explore a big IRL meetup with maybe a restaurant or something small as an official event.

Finally, we need to pick a position on driving profitability, assess the risks to citizens and leadership, and accept whatever risk we decide moving forward. We are on the frontier and noting is going to be without risk. Risk can be mitigated by being open and communicative with regulators. We can be on the frontier but we still need to show the marshall that we are part of the posse and not holding up the stagecoaches out here.


I think it has Fugyeah1 because I was in a different browser but that was legit me. Sorry for the confusion.

I have other thoughts on this I’m happy to discuss at the debate.

I think there are little tweaks that need to be made around the edges that would provide a lot of value. For example, we need to just speed everything up a little bit.

I think the crew has done an excellent job but in some places we are letting the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Someone today in the discord discussed creating the real estate chain or some sort of software that interacts between the blockchain and the API in the register software at the county level. There’s likely only 2or 3 mplayers in the space we would nneed to work with.

One of the most active members of our DAO atm. (I’m still wondering how can you post some comments during the prime Asia time lol) I’ve worked with him in several occasions especially in #public-affairs, and they all turned out pretty well. :grinning: Hope your dedication and knowledge will continue to benefit the DAO, all its citizens, and, well, may also include this historic council too! :100:

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