Running for CityDAO Inaugural Council - 0xL0uis

ETH Address: Happy to provide the addie in private.

Hey, Citizens of the on-chain world,

Thanks for the opportunity to submit this application for the inaugural council.

About Me

I am Louis, french and based in the beautiful Switzerland where I spent the last 5 years. (And discovered crypto).

Career highlights:

  • Investment analyst at a commercial real estate consulting firm (Cushman & Wakefield).

  • Credit Risk Quant @ Credit Suisse.

  • Investment Advisor & Crypto product specialist @ Rothschild & Co.

  • Product Owner @ Swissborg (Crypto Exchange & protocol) Currently working on a new Stealth product.

I have a deep interest in Decentralized Systems, Entrepreneurship, and long-distance running.

In my free time, I enjoy creating Dapps, coding Trading Algos, interacting in DAOs, dig into data. (Dune Analytics) and run, run, run (also for the council… lol). Oh, I also buy shitcoins (forgive me).

I live by the following quote from Julian Hall: “Ideas are yesterday, execution is today and excellence will see you into tomorrow”

My skills lie in:

  • Traditional Finance (VC, Private Equity, Portfolio management & Commercial Real Estate)
  • Tech (full stack web dev, algorithmic trading, data science)
  • Decentralized systems (DAO management, tokenomics, and on-chain analytics)

My vision for the future of CityDAO

  • The pioneer in smart city development, providing cities with the tools and frameworks they need to go on-chain, with the goal of democratizing DAO governance & blockchain use in Cities. (Infrastructure and platform layer)

  • Creation of region-based Sub-DAOs, allowing for better scalability and a more localized approach.

  • Fund, empower and advise Smart City / Proptech blockchain ventures. (Incubator).

  • Compose with blockchain protocols and other smart cities based on the blockchain.

  • Contribute positively to the local community where CityDAO is established.

  • Interact and seek advice from big crypto figures (Mark C, Vitalik B, Brain A), who minted our NFT.

  • Create the first on-chain country? Hell yeah.

My opinion on what a perfect Council member is

  • One that deeply listens to the community.

  • One that is self-motivated with an interest in blockchain and decentralized systems.

  • One with good learning agility. (blockchain is evolving constantly, so should we)

Why you should vote for me

  • I am execution and solution driven (Talk is cheap).

  • Relevant experiences in Blockchain (DAOs), Real estate, and Finance.

  • Here to stay and Buidl. I am bear market resistant.

Thanks for reading!