Running for CityDAO Inaugural Council - Vzmind

Discord username: vzmind#1206
ETH Address: vzmind.eth

About Me

I am a 42 year old Dad, currently on sabbatical, touring European countries with my family to meet alternative communities and experiment with a new work life balance (including van schooling fun with our 2 kids). Some of our tour highlights were regenerative projects in Portugal, especially that combines coliving, coworking and DAO or, in South West of France, where a large collective is regenerating the local economy through collective ownership, local currency, company incubators. We are invested in both and only joined CityDAO recently, the most digital project so far.

Work-wise, I have been in IT for 15y, currently as an independent consultant designing Enterprise Cloud Architecture, and transitioning to blockchain for 18 months, learning solidity, trading and contributing to a few projects. We are French but our residence is in the UK in a cohousing community. As you can get it, I have a fairly international background and a passion for real communities that change the world, bit by bit.

My vision for the future of CityDAO

CityDAO has the tremendous responsibility to bridge the crypto world with real life as never before by offering a platform for experimenting collectively, in physical spaces, a new operating model for our society, away from DeFi speculation or CryptoGaming fantasy.

By owning and managing lands together, we have the opportunity to reinvent how we own, how we build, how we live, how we work, how we interact and form a new micro-society together. That is exactly what has fascinated me in blockchain since day 1: Blockchain has the power to reshape the social contract.

My opinion on what a perfect Council member is

The Inaugural Council ToR is to lay down the Charter and LLC Operating Agreement and has full power to put them into effect. It is a significant responsibility. Clearly, a perfect Council member is to me a US based Lawyer when it comes to the redaction of the LLC operating Agreement. The Operating Agreement should express in legal terms the vision of the Charter as it depicts ownership and members’ duties.

However, when it comes to the Charter, it is a shared vision that any individual should be able to read and understand. The Charter redaction process should not be held in isolation of the community. Council Members should actively work on the redaction of that document, its transcription into the LLC Operating Agreement while also socialising the topics discussed with the rest of the community.

Why you should vote for me

I have been exploring CityDAO content in depth for more than a month now, engaging with European members, and started to work with them offline on a proposal to expand the realm of CityDAO in further territories (Europe, Asia, Middle East …). My involvement in that Council is to ensure that our Charter and Operating Agreement are not stopping expansion toward those territories and to make that view heard and defended.

I am used to navigating the political complexity of small groups of a hundred people with strong opinions both in my professional life and communal experiments. A lot of Diplomacy will be required for our venture to be successful as a lot of expectations are on us.

My candidature is about ensuring that the inaugural Council is operating in full transparency with a clear international dimension.