Selling NFTs should not be CityDAOs primary/only source of income. Let's change that ASAP

Selling NFTs should not be CityDAOs primary/only source of income, otherwise this all amounts to a pyramid scheme.

Imagine a company whose only function is to sell shares of itself. Makes no sense right? That’s essentially what CityDAO relying on NFT sales for income is doing. I am against having a separate Parcel 0 NFT because I think Citizen NFT holders (who are supposed to be like shareholders of the CityDAO LLC) should all collectively own any/all CityDAO assets.

Parcel 0 should be used to start up a physical business that generates income. It could literally be anything, but I’d suggest something automated since CityDAO has many bright minds working on it. 3D Printing farm, solar farm, farm farm… etc. Some kind of automated factory producing widgets would probably be best. Literally anything would be better than just dividing up what limited assets CityDAO currently owns into separate NFTs and selling them to the highest bidder.

Requiring ownership of the Citizen NFT to be able get Parcel 0 NFT during launch doesn’t stop people from turning right around and selling Parcel 0 NFTs on the open market to non Citizen NFT holders. Allowing LLC assets to be owned/controlled by non-shareholders is a huge mistake.


I think this is a fair suggestion. A couple comments:

  • I agree that we eventually need sustainable income to keep things going, but right now royalties from our NFT sales far exceed bounties and payroll expenses.
  • I don’t think profit needs to be our number one priority, I’d love to see us run experiments and focus should be on Parcel 1 and building out a network of real estate owned by the DAO.
  • I would love to see the DAO do things like bitcoin mining on the land

I would suggest an ROI/viability investigation of solar and water pump install. Power and water, behind access would be ideal from an infrastructure standpoint.