Taking A Pause Before Voting on all these proposals?

One suggestion for how to proceed. We could introduce a CIP with options something like this.

This CIP is a vote on if and how to pause work on Citydao projects. If a pause is approved the following things will occur over the next 3? months. A) Completion of a project status and budget draw down tracker B)Implementation of a set interval for reviewing CIPs all together C) Update to the CityDAO Mission

  1. Pause all projects (including those already approved for funding)

  2. Pause any projects that have not been approved in Snapshot by X date.

  3. Pause consideration of any further projects not already proposed in the forum as of Y Date

  4. No Pause

This is just an idea and a framework, happy for this to be heavily edited or totally thrown out, just thought it might be a good convo starter.

And for what its worth, I totally hate myself for being that guy who says “whoa slow down slow down” and stalling progress. I love that CityDAO is action oriented, and I love that we are trying to get shit done. At this point though, my fear of all the money being gone in a year (and the death of cityDAO, even if the projects it funded live on) is greater than my fear of losing momentum.

If CityDAO were to spend all its money and then have nothing left, it would be a loss, because there needs to be a DAO that is trying to build a city IRL. I would be trying to find the next CityDAO to join, and I suspect many of us would be too. So might as well keep it if we already got it!

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And what if you’re missing all the things? What do you get? Asking for a friend lol


Just to chime in: how might one see where all of our funds are currently committed, in one place?

And for balance, how might one evaluate how outgoing funds might balance against incoming funds?

I second this.

My “real” life has taken my attention off of CityDAO for a few months, and stepping back in I get the feeling that a LOT has happened, and in particular that a LOT of funds are/will be/are planning to be spent.

And practically-speaking, this is what happens IRL anyway, so it should be no surprise.

Yes, it would be valuable to have a short page that shows all our projects, where they are, who is involved, how much is allocated, spent, remaining in the treasury, potential roadmap, blockers, etc. @tippi_fifestarr was working on a wireframe layout of something like this a while ago for Education Guild so that we could show all our projects. Maybe it could be reintroduced?

Agreed there should be a list, a good location to start with thats easy to update without dev work is on the existing notion here.

We need an ops person who is compensated enough (for them) to care and details who is in charge of maintaining that. If we can get governance updated that should be one of the ongoing roles in the DAO.

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do you have a link to that somewhere? Could be a good starting point!

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I’ll ask Tippi. I was something we were discussing a while ago.

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Some governance suggestions could emerge about how voting should be facilitated. Also, not all proposals and teams are the same (that is why everyone should be involved to express their point of view).

This was an early early wireframe we settled on, subsequently @Hadi and I did a series of interviews with almost all of the guild facilitators, which there is a public document here.

We were hoping to have an open brainstorming session and come up with a clear proposal but things got busy and the transparency dashboard project was already going so we just put some effort into supporting that one.

Anything that connects the citizens voting to transparency about what “their money” is being spent on, how it benefits them, and how they can participate is a step towards a more righteous city IMO. Also we need more pictures of food and practical, accessible IRL places to hang out such as a treehouse.


GitHub - citydaoproject/transparency at citydao-repurpose This is our current project repo – Discord channel with discussion about it

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