Temp Check: Use Leftover Planning Guild Funds for land acquisition


In CIP-69, the planning guild was authorized to spend $50k in discretionary spending. $10k was transferred to the bank account to cover some SaaS expenses and legal fees. $40k remains.

Proposed Use

As Q3 is coming to an end, Scott and Josh propose using the remaining $40k, or however much remains after documented Planning expenses, to acquire 3-5 more parcels of land next to Baby Parcel in Alamosa, CO, so that we can make more parcels available to Citizens and start to bootstrap a neighborhood there. These parcels will be available for citizens to lease and use. One may be kept for CityDAO collectively as a town square.

Why this proposal?

This is technically an allowed action already under governance, but is a less traditional use of the funds. We wanted to check with the DAO.

  • A YES vote asks planning to use leftover funds to buy more baby parcels
  • a NO vote will ask the planning guild to return the funds to the main treasury
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