The CityDAO Mission Guild is currently engaging in discussions regarding the “mission” of CityDAO.

I am not on the Mission Guild but I have my own opinions regarding what it is we are all here to do. I for one would like to know - why are YOU here?

What do YOU believe the mission of CityDAO is and/or what should the Mission of CityDAO be?

Just looking to start an open dialogue - thanks!


When Thomas More defined “Utopia” in his book of the same name, he conceived of it as a place that was ideal, but in being ideal was inherently impossible to achieve for it was the best of what we, as humans, are capable of. In this light I pose a sub question:

What truth do we seek to uncover about ourselves — in order to become more perfect in our quest for this ideal — and how can we use CityDAO as the laboratory and catalyst to realize this truth?


I put this together several months ago, ideas have evolved a bit since then, it focuses mostly on ownership and think we’re here for more than that, but this is where I started.



I see our mission as building a distributed city where your NFT gets to access to facilities and amenities around the world or a literal city somewhere in Wyoming

Let’s go all in!

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CityDAO aims to construct cities at the intersection of physical and digital spaces. The blockchain allows us to push between these two worlds to create dynamic decentralized future cities.

So this is just something I wrote a while back. It captures my sentiments. I think something that often gets lost is just the focus on blockchain technology. In the simplest light, CityDAO wants to leverage blockchain technology to build better cities (or just places to live). Beyond that, it will all emerge.


The overall mission of CityDao in correlation to my perspective is to actively create an efficient, as well as thriving community of individuals that commonly share an ambitious passion to create a more decentralized experience. An experience in which we all bare a sense of equality and unity. A community that creates based on the principles of sustainability and decentralization that propels us forward into a more exciting journey growth as a collective.


Our mission, our purpose…

is to built a community governed city on chain ! a BIG one…

Why i am here ?

To be a part of an unique experience
To learn
To help in any way i can
To meet new people
To lead the way
To try something never tried before
To teach
To execute strategy
To fail and win…


Love seeing all the ideas. My two cents:

Mission Statement
The mission of CityDAO is to build an IRL City that runs on blockchain. The journey (constructing a city, making decisions about governance, about city design, about accounting for negative externalities, which snapshot voting strategies to use etc.) is just as important as the destination (the actual city itself). What we do in CityDAO will be a lesson for all the cryptocities that come after.

There are many decisions to be made, and technologies to be developed before the actual CityDAO city can exist. Over the next several years, CityDAO’s short term mission will be to create the building blocks that are necessary for a blockchain based crypto city to exist - all in service of the long term mission which is creating an actual city.

Examples of decisions we need to make before creating a city:
Just a few examples that demonstrate the work we need to do before “breaking ground” on our first city:

  1. Will we have a building code? And if so, which one (just use an international code, or create something specific?)
  2. Will we have a citywide masterplan?
  3. Will we have zoning? Or prohibit negative externalities such as air/soil/water pollution through regulation?
  4. Will we tax citizens?
  5. What services will the city “government” provide, vs. expect citizens to purchase as a subscription (i.e. don’t need a cable provider if everyone is expected to use starlink).

Some alternatives to the mission statement

  1. Maybe CityDAO should just serve as a cryptocities hub- offering professional services to existing cities and soon-to-be-built cities based on all the information we have gained from our various parcel experiments. CityDAO itself isn’t a city, but supports the development and creation of them (either as spinoff parcels, or through separate DAOs).

  2. Maybe we should put a date on this. "CityDAO mission is to have 1,000 people living IRL by 2030 on a parcel owned and governed by CityDAO "


I believe the Mission of CityDAO is to create a more honest and serendipitous city - a memetic driven hardware/software platform bridge between our virtual worlds, and the planet earth, our collective home. I hope to help our city enable honest justice with lower friction, a sustainable energy future, and collective prosperity with other DAOs and collectives.

Our home base abuts the Yellowstone National Park Ecosystem. We aim to experiment with novel governance and development structures for cities, their diverse peoples, and the systems and structures we create to further sustain future peoples amidst changing cities and nature.

We are a legally authorized company of people, organized under the laws of Wyoming, collectively building confidence in cryptographically secured open democratic and representative processes. These crypto processes help reduce transaction costs and hostile capture of budgets for the building and regulating of public goods, marketable products, and hybrids derived therein.

Our collective members expect no profit by holding our NFTs - Only the benefit that comes with the hard work required by all members of this unique marriage of community and capital.

Mission: To create a city / community defined by decentralization and crypto values that enables a better life for those that take part / reside in it.

Vision: CityDao is a decentralized & in real life city with nodes all over the world connected through crypto governance technology that enables the economic and social benefits of a the best traditional cities in a decentralized way.

Some definitions to support:

  1. City = not defined by 1 physical space, but by the people who are connected either in physical or virtual ways to live and work together. In the past cities have been defined by physical spaces because there has been no technology to bridge those spaces. This is no longer the case, so there is no need that a city needs to be in one space.
  2. Nodes = Physical locations, businesses, institutions, public infrastructure or any other components of traditional cities that are connected by an ethos, joint governance, joint taxation, and benefits of being connected to each other through CityDao technology.

With this in mind, we could build all the components of a city in a decentralized way and connect them through CityDAO tech, this could be:

  1. Housing
  2. Workplaces
  3. Events spaces
  4. Transportation
  5. Leisure spaces
  6. etc…

They would all be connected though access granted to CityDAO citizens and in return, be governed by CityDAO governance, in the same way that each of those spaces is governed within a traditional city. Each CityDAO citizen would get access and additional benefits in return for some form of taxation to the city, whether on transactions in city spaces or on property rights.

This model would allow CityDAO to both develop our own properties and tools, as well as allow independent projects to participate in CityDAO by agreeing to CityDAO governance.

In the spirit of decentralization, there is no need to figure this all out before getting nodes connected and up and running. We’ve already started the process with parcel 0.

To end, wikipedia’s definition of a city:

It can be defined as a permanent and densely settled place with administratively defined boundaries whose members work primarily on non-agricultural tasks. Cities generally have extensive systems for housing, transportation, sanitation, utilities, land use, production of goods, and communication. Their density facilitates interaction between people, government organizations and businesses, sometimes benefiting different parties in the process, such as improving efficiency of goods and service distribution.


I have some additional thoughts, based on how CityDAO appears to be structured. It seems like the organic direction of CityDAO at this point will be to create of multiple parcels. Parcel 0, Parcel 1, Parcel 2, etc, etc. Maybe these are all small parcels, or maybe one or more of them becomes a real city (I hope so!!).

In all cases, the precedent we’ve set is that once a parcel is created, the governance rights of that parcel belongs only to that parcel’s NFT holders. Not to CityDAO NFT holders.

The question is about the mission of CityDAO (as opposed to the mission of future parcels). Essentially we are asking how should we direct spending of the CityDAO treasury, controlled by CityDAO NFTs. Since CityDAO NFTs won’t be making decisions on what goes on inside individual parcels, it seems like the mission of CityDAO must be more broad, and not focused on the outcomes of any one particular IRL property or parcel.

Following this logic, it seems that the mission of CityDAO should be to incubate and support the success of future parcels with the goal of eventually creating the first on chain city – or something like that. This could include providing funding for citizens to research the next parcel. It could include being an education platform to help promote the concepts of network cities. It could be funding the tools that are necessary to run an on chain city. It could be continuing to run AMAs with relevant people whose work could benefit parcels, or maybe even provide legal services for all CityDAO parcels.

As a further specific example, Parcel 2 could say “We need to create new software to enable a specific kind of governance we are implementing in Parcel 2.” and CityDAO might offer a grant (like GitCoin) to fund it, or even just pay for a CityDAO citizen to work on it if CityDAO deems it to be useful not just to Parcel 2 but potentially for other parcels/network cities as well. Maybe CityDAO owns the rights to that new software and licenses it out to other non CityDAO entities (or just provides it for free).


Agreed with this! I would add that CityDAO can be the network that links these parcels together. So the “City” is the network of all the parcels connected through CityDAO.


oh good turn of phrase there. City in CityDAO is the network of all the parcels. I like that!

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Love the ideas and thoughts people have!

You ask the question 100 times and you get 100 unique answers.

I know one thing to be true. Cities are an incredible human coordination invention that has propelled humanity forward to facilitate science, culture, art, industry, etc. In the physical space.

DAOs are the coordination engine for blockchain and the digital property, in the digital space

Bring Meat space and Tech space together and volia CITY-DAO.