Web 3 House by CityDAO

Phase 1 of the idea “Web 3 House by CityDAO”

This is a CIP aims only to find out how to acquire a house at Turkey (Sapanca, but will be evaluated other locations according to outcomes) for ;

  • Citizens around the world
  • TR Community
  • DAOs
  • Blockchain Communities of Universities
  • Hackers
  • Rent

and investigate the operations needed for the process.

What to Deliver ?

A full report including potential houses, real estate topics, legal issues, operations, rent prices for houses, processes, feedbacks from potential target audiences, possible opportunities


2 months


3.000 $ for compensation, field trip, accommodation & expenses

Next Phase

Phase 2, write down a full CIP including ;

  • Roadmap
  • Marketing Plan
  • Time Plan
  • Budget
  • ROI estimation
  • Cons & Pros
  • Team

In Turkey, especially recently, the importance of the blockchain world is significantly increasing. Even when we look at the events to be held this year, we can clearly see the progress. The importance of community is more important than ever before and the values ​​of brands and projects that care about their own community are increasing day by day.

As CityDAO, we are able to respond to the needs of many communities.
We can be an indispensable brand for ;

  • Hackers
  • Blockchain communities
  • DAOs
  • Citizens
  • NFT world

A house for ALL !
A Web 3 House by CityDAO !

How will be the benefit for CityDAO ?

  • Brand awareness
  • Will give CityDAO a chance to experiment a project outside US
  • Increase of NFT sales & chance to get new citizens
  • Might create hype
  • Gain income by rent
  • Gain passive income

How citizens will benefit ?

Will be the very first tangible privilege for citizens (right for accommodation)

Why Turkey ?

  • We care of the word “experiment”. It would be the best case if we can have a house outside US.
  • First potential international project which can be a reference to other international communities.
  • No visa for many countries
  • Many potentials as real estate wise (constantly increasing prices)
  • Many famous influencers in Turkey are CityDAO citizens
  • Beautiful country
  • Why not ?

If you want to support the idea, please give a like for phase 1 to start something new.
Also, please drop your comments how to improve the process. Each comment means the world to me.Thanks


I would also encourage looking at partnerships with landlords or existing communities which can join CityDAO in return for promotion within our community and access to funding to solve tech problems in a web3 way (scheduling, point of sale, etc…)

Fully support this exploration.


I support the idea of looking for a place outside the US as well. However, Turkey is in a tricky geopolitical situation. I am not sure if that’s the safest place to invest. I think that Portugal (Lisbon?) is a pretty safe bet. It’s more expensive than Turkey, for sure, but still more accessible and safer.

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partnership with existing community is the key word here. I got some candidates in my mind

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“by safest place to invest” what you mean ? Economic wise ?

Btw with this Pre CIP, i exactly want to look out for this answer. Is it the best choice for CityDAO or not. The outcome could be “do not invest” but we cannot know that until we find out the answers.

Turkey is a great place for land & house investment if we look the numbers for the past several years. There is a significant increase over the years when we look local currency. Exchange rate with $ is another story. So as i said before, i want to work on this and report to DAO. Than DAO will decide where we want to go.

We got an advantage here that we can use. I, personally have access to blockchain communities, universities, people at web3 and all… So, we could use that advantage to find parthners for our journey.

The place that i want to look out (Sapanca) is like a town near İstanbul. Its like 1.30 h away from city, calm, green, peacefull. Could be a best choice for community to chill, party, hack, organize web 3 events and rent for income to treasury.

Lastly, i mentioned at the proposal that i want this one be a reference for others. So i encourage you to do the same for any other place you want. Post your Pre CIP, work on that and report.


So from what I understand, this is not exactly a proper CIP, but more like a proposal to find out if a proposal will be feasible? So to speak, a research fund request. And if you find it to be feasible, then you’ll propose a full CIP. Worst case we only lose the requested $3k, correct?

Also, chances are you’ve done a feasibility check on the surface already, but I’m asking just to be sure: is it apparent that there are many people from the Turkish web3 communities, universities, etc. including Turkish CityDAO citizens who would certainly utilise a web3 house if such service is available?

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This is Pre CIP :slightly_smiling_face:

And yes the worst scenario would be that we lose 3K $ and i lost 2 months of my time, yet i believe that’s how we should proceed before going all in as CityDAO. Make a full feasibility report including all the things i mentioned above, than DAO will decide if we want to go that way or not.

And yes again, there are many people & communities in Turkey who will be interested in this kind of service. The place i will look for is a quite nice place for events, accomodation. So, i believe even word of mouth would work and hopefully we can make it work.

ps : Also, i will be able to use my connections to make it work. I met many university students, blockchain people, influencers during my CityDAO journey


Love this! I’d also like to request a live event Q&A about the report when it’s finished, we could do it inside a Teach Anything or as a stand-alone event. Recording the Q&A and sharing it with the Citizens can get more engagement and awareness!


great idea, tnx tippi

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I am for this but I would like the community to understand the political risk. What I mean by that is what is the realistic risk of getting shook down by some local magistrate or mayor. What are the rules on foreign ownership and is there a history of expropriation in your country. What is the status of crypto legally and the governments view on it. Etc.
I’m not really concerned about geopolitical risk because y’all are our NATO brothers. :slight_smile:

That is the deal actually. I’m willing to put all together in a report and present it.

Pros & Cons & Opportunities & Rules & Risks…

In this case we don’t need the whole process as you described:

If we want to examine what areas might be best for investment, we should look at this topic from that particular perspective: What areas around the world might be good for investing. not whether Turkey is good to invest or not.

A global/holistic approach would require a different method of measuring that.

It would be a waste of time to look for the land, prices, and processes in Turkey if it turns out that geopolitically it doesn’t make sense.

Yes we do.

Gotta talk to lawyers, need to talk to real estate agencies, investigate rent prices, look out for ROI, exchange rate estimation and many more.

That how you plan a business.

What does this geopolitically means ? Turkey considered as like a bridge between Asia & Europe. I may count many pros for Turkey btw.

If you mean political and economical issues, thats another story

This refers to political connections with other nations, being close to conflict areas(Syria, Iran, Iraq), and the possibility of internal or external disputes impacting the well-being of Citizens who choose to use the Web3 House.

It could become even more complicated when the CIP-145 passes.

The potential consequences of that CIP might indeed limit our ability to be involved in activities connected to Turkey, especially if the US opts to sanction the country. Given that Turkey has historically not supported Western-imposed sanctions on Russia, we can’t rule out the possibility of Turkey facing sanctions themselves.

In such a scenario, we could find ourselves with an investment that many Citizens can’t access due to our own policies.

I think it might be more beneficial to have a CIP focused on exploring the global market for potential Web 3 House locations, instead of just concentrating on one country.

Would you be open to collaborating with other citizens on this broader approach, or are you radical about pursuing Turkey as the location?

Will answer at discord :slight_smile: