What are the possibilities for the next Land purchase?

Any ideas are appreciated.
We can buy farmland and rent it to another company to work it or something.

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I’ve seen ideas over CT, such as to buy lands, forests, for conservatory purpose, as a natural extension of the City. Got excited about this, and imagined to develop a full database of the biodiversity in this land ( with some partnerships with local NGOs and issue NFTs, to represent the biome of our new land.


Sounds good to me. I can help with any statistics.
We can also capture the wildlife and turn the images to NFTs, to be sold by the treasury.

Hi guys! I’m a 3rd year engineering student at SupAgro (France), one of the best schools in the world in ecology and agriculture. The project is really amazing! It poses a lot of technical and philosophical problems that I want to help solve, in the past we made the mistake of building our societies without thinking about their sustainability. I don’t want the new cities to repeat the mistakes of the past, I want clean, smart, sustainable and pleasant cities to live in.
If we want to live in a sustainable utopian future, we have to think about that from the beginning and I would like this project to follow that way too
I would really love to work on this project, I want to participate in something big like this in my life

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