Whether to consider cooperating with ColonyDAO.eth

ColonyDAO.eth needs money to buy land. Can it be allocated to investigate whether ColonyDAO.eth has relevant professional knowledge, if they are very professional, and they are good at it. Can we consider cooperation and whether there are legal risks?

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Colony.io is a service that helps establish DAOs, founded by Jack Du Rose. Their white paper is here: https://colony.io/whitepaper.pdf

Jack might be a good person to be in touch with. I’d also be curious about touching base with GovernorDAO, which used Colony tools to develop. They were the first LLC DAO in Wyoming. They provide governance as a service (GaaS) (https://blog.governordao.org/2021/07/01/governor-dao-becomes-first-legally-recognized-dao/)

However, the project proposed above, which is a ConstitutionDAO style Juicebox ETH raise to buy land, just links to a website called “420 Property”. That isn’t a DAO yet, as far as I can tell. Though an interesting vote in the future might concern whether CityDAO wants to be in the cannabis farming business. There are certainly some legal and ethical issues to talk about there !

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Legal and ethical issues are the most important issues at the moment, if they can be resolved, I think it’s a good business