CIP-211: Implementation of Delegated Voting Mechanism for CityDAO Citizens


This CIP proposes the introduction of a delegated voting system within CityDAO. Under this system, Citizen NFT holders can delegate their voting rights to other members of their choosing without transferring ownership of the NFT itself. This model allows for a more flexible and representative form of democracy, enabling citizens who may not have the time, knowledge, or interest in participating in every vote to entrust their voting power to representatives they trust.


Direct democracy, while ideal in theory, often leads to low participation rates and decisions being influenced by a small, active portion of the community. By allowing delegation, we can ensure that the community’s decisions are more representative of its collective will, even if not every member participates directly. This approach also encourages more engagement and discussion within the community, as members seek out and select representatives that align with their views.


  1. Voting Delegation Mechanism:
  • Each Citizen NFT holder will have the ability to delegate their voting power to another citizen of their choice.
  • The delegation process would be facilitated through a smart contract, which records and enforces the delegation of voting power.
  • Delegated voting power can be reclaimed by the NFT holder at any time, ensuring flexibility and control over one’s voting rights.
  1. Representative Accountability and Transparency:
  • To maintain transparency and accountability, a public record of all delegated votes and the representatives who cast them will be accessible to all CityDAO members.
  • Representatives will be encouraged to share their voting intentions and rationales with their constituents, fostering an environment of trust and informed decision-making.
  1. Limitations and Safeguards:
  • To prevent undue concentration of power, there will be a cap on the amount of voting power any single representative can hold.
  • Regular audits and reviews of the delegation mechanism will be conducted to ensure its integrity and to make adjustments as needed based on community feedback.
  1. Implementation Roadmap:
  • Phase 1: Develop and deploy the delegation smart contract on a testnet for initial testing and feedback.
  • Phase 2: Conduct a community-wide education campaign to explain the benefits and workings of the new voting system.
  • Phase 3: Launch the delegation system on the mainnet with an initial trial period.
  • Phase 4: Evaluate the system’s performance and make necessary adjustments based on community input.


  • Increased Participation: By reducing the barriers to participation, more members are likely to engage in the decision-making process.
  • Enhanced Decision Quality: Delegating votes to knowledgeable and engaged representatives can lead to more informed and thoughtful decisions.
  • Flexibility: Members can choose to participate directly in decisions they care about and delegate their votes for others, combining the best aspects of direct and representative democracy.


The proposed delegation system represents a significant step forward in making CityDAO’s governance more inclusive, flexible, and representative of its community’s needs and aspirations. By empowering members to participate in a manner that best suits their preferences and lifestyle, we can foster a more engaged and dynamic community.


Love this idea. One additional safeguard to consider would be that a representative be unable to vote with delegated votes for any CIP that would allocate any budget, fees, commissions, etc (more generally financial gain) to that representative.